12-point programme involves counselling, opportunities for education and state’s help in finding a job
Six youngsters detained by the Uttar Pradesh Police last week for alleged links with ISIS have now been made part of what the force terms as a `Ghar Wapasi’ programme to de-radicalise and stop them from joining ISIS.There are over two dozen such youngsters already under the UP Police watch under a 12-point programme that involves counselling, opportunities for education and state’s help in finding a job. Last week, UP Police arrested four youngsters of the dreaded ISIS Khorasan module as part of a country-wide operation while six more were detained. The six detained men have not been arrested as “there was no concrete evidence against them or explicit involvement in terror but were found to be walking towards the path of terror,“ says UP AntiTerrorism Squad Chief Asim Arun.Earlier in March, the alleged ISIS Khorasan member, Saifullah was gunned down in Lucknow.

The `Ghar Vapasi‘ programme for the youngsters in question has a 12-point guideline for the UP ATS.First, the family of the person is shown the material against him so that they can be convinced that he needs de-radicalization and are motivated to co-operate. Every week, a police officer meets the person in question at his home to counsel him and the following week, the person is called to the police station for the same. Surprise visits by police officers to his home are also done. The consultation involves a friend of the person and religious leaders. As the person starts to progress, the police interaction is made fortnightly , in terspersed with phone calls.

However, the UP ATS keeps utmost secrecy in these meetings and the identity of the said person is also kept a secret. The contact with the said person is stopped after a year and if the person finds a job or gets married in the interim, the process is considered as over. But the red flag is still kept up as there is no guarantee that the de-readicalisation would have been a success. The UP ATS however says it has strict rule that these persons would never be used as an informer or in any way to catch other terrorists.

The UP ATS has also floated a helpline number where parents of those suspecting their children to be going on the path of terror to call and request for their de-radicalisation. UP ATS said earlier on April 20 that the four ISIS suspects arrested by it from Bijnor, Mumbai and Jalandhar as part of a countrywide operation, were planning a major terror strike in India.