Published: 18th October 2014 06:04 AM

TIRUNELVELI: In a dramatic move, PMANE coordinator S P Udayakumar on Thursday resigned from the Aam Admi Party (AAP) citing lack of ‘clear-cut’ policy on nuclear power projects in the Arvind Kejriwal led-outfit.

S P Udayakumar

The decision comes nearly a month after Udayakumar met Kejriwal in New Delhi on September 19. However, Udayakumar has promised to campaign for the AAP during the Assembly elections in Delhi, but would go it alone in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, according to his post on a networking site.Elaborating on his decision, Udayakumar, on his Facebook page, said, “During the discussion with Arvind Kejriwal, I conveyed that I will not be able to hold any position in the party, as I needed to work consistently with various organisations and parties in Tamil Nadu and Kerala against KKNPP and other nuclear power plants in India. Secondly, it will not be possible to work with one party as we need to work with several organisations to strengthen the anti-nuclear struggle. Besides, AAP did not announce a clear-cut policy regarding nuclear power projects.”

Not completely distancing himself from the AAP, Udayakumar said, “While conveying my decision to leave the party, I stressed that I want to be independent in Tamil Nadu and Kerala while I would extend support to AAP in other States such as Delhi.” He, however, is yet to submit a written resignation to the party.

When Udayakumar, M P Jesuraj and others met Kejriwal at his residence in Delhi on July 4, they had submitted a petition placing some key questions. In the petition, Udayakumar had asked why the party had not given any explanation on the remarks made by Kejriwal in connection with the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination case convicts and why had there been no representation from Southern and North-eastern States of India in the party higher council.

“At present, a nine-member Hindi speaking panel from Delhi takes decision for entire India, a phenomenon similar to the BJP and Congress. However, we did not get any response to the questions we raised. Kejriwal and other leaders did not even look at the petition,” said Udayakumar.