Jean Dreze and Bela Bhatia detained in Bilaspur …

PUCL Chattisgarh

Social activist Bela Bhatia and Jean Dreze have been detained by the Bijapur administration at the Circuit House since last night.

Bela Bhatia (Bela Somari) accompanied by Jean Dreze was going to visit Silger, which is the site of the recent incident of security forces firing on Adivasi villagers  protesting against the setting up of a police camp on their land.

It is important to note that another group of Sarv Adivasi Samaj has also been stopped from visiting the area.

As lawyers and social activist they have every right to visit the villages and the sight of the police firing and meeting the affected persons and families

 What does the police and administrative have to hide by preventing entry of people in the area.

Pls call the SP and collector of Bijapur and I G of bastar. Also need to ask the CM of Chattisgarh to take cognizance of the Silger incident and the continuing miscarriage of justice.

SP Kamlochan Kashyap:

Collector : Ritesh Agarwal

IG Bastar Range: P Sunderaj
94255 95544Prem Kumar Vijayan
Dept. of English,Hindu College,Delhi University