Friends, Sanjay Kumar, associated with Bigul Mazdoor Dasta and Naujawan Bharat Sabha is to undergo a major surgery for intestinal cancer in Mumbai next week. The seven months long struggle to save his life, which couldn’t have been possible without your help, is now in its decisive phase and we are confident that soon Sanjay will be back in our midst. But we need your help and support once again.

As you might remember, last year, after Sanjay was diagnosed with cancer, we had issued an urgent appeal for his treatment. We have been able to pull him back from the face of death with the help received from friends, comrades and wellwishers of the movement from all over the country. During these seven months, Sanjay has been treated in Lucknow, Delhi and Mumbai. Sanjay underwent a bypass surgery of intestine in Mumbai after which it became possible for him to eat and drink. He has undergone 8 rounds of chemotherapy in Mumbai and Lucknow, which now makes it possible for surgical resection of the tumour. All of this would not have been possible without your help and encouragement.

In October last year, Sanjay was diagnosed with tumour in the small intestine. It was a very rare type of cancer (adenocarcinoma of duodenum) and had reached the third stage due to being diagnosed too late. The condition was further complicated as the tumor was encasing an artery near the duodenum of small intestine and pancreas, making surgery impossible at that time. Apart from Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital in Mumbai, we had consulted some other renowned cancer surgeons in the country and they were of the same opinion. After completing 8 rounds of chemotherapy in 5 months under supervision of doctors at Tata Memorial, the tumor has shrunk but the surgery is still quite complicated as the tumour is still encasing the artery. Cancer and vascular surgeons of King George Medical University and Apollo Hospital in Lucknow were also consulted as it was not possible to go to Mumbai during the lockdown. They too were of the opinion that surgery is urgent but risky. Last week, we brought Sanjay to Mumbai. The doctors treating him at the Tata Memorial say that it is still too risky to operate, but senior surgeon at Bombay Hospital, who had done Sanjay’s bypass surgery of intestine in January, is ready for surgery immediately. According to him, he has seen the tumor directly, so he is confident that it can be surgically removed. He is planning surgery early next week. In view of Sanjay’s situation, further delay would mean increasing the risk. We have already lost two months’ precious time due to the lockdown. In such a situation, we have to go for the surgery in a private hospital which means the expenses will be much more than in the Tata Memorial Hospital. Sanjay will need to stay in Mumbai for atleast two months after the surgery for post-operative care and tests.

Sanjay (38 years) comes from a working class background and has been associated with the movement for the past 15 years. For many years, he worked with the Bigul Mazdoor Dasta in Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad and participated in several agitations and campaigns among industrial workers. He has been active in Lucknow for the last few years. He has been instrumental in taking progressive literature to remote areas of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Bihar as volunteer of the ‘Janchetna’ team. Sanjay joined the revolutionary movement at a very young age and his entire life has been completely dedicated to the cause of social change. Even while fighting this deadly disease, he insisted in participating in the protests on issues of workers during the lockdown. His mother and a brother live in Varanasi, and his sister lives in Mumbai.

We appeal to you to contribute as much as possible to save the life of this young, hard working worker and a lovely and spirited person. You can send your contributions to the bank account of Com. Anand Singh who is accompanying him in Mumbai for his treatment. Bank account details and Anand’s phone number and email are given below. You can also send your support through Google Pay to Anand’s phone number. Please don’t forget to inform about any contribution you send on SMS, WhatsApp or Email.

Account holder: Anand Kumar Singh
Ph: 9971196111, Email: [email protected]
Account Number: 102301507144
IFSC: ICIC0001023
Bank and branch: ICICI Bank, Alaknanda, New Delhi
Phone No. for Google Pay: 9971196111