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Please see the mail below by Farah Naqvi who as part of Citizen’s Initiative team has been coordinating relief work in Muzaffarnagar. As you all know that there are still a large number of people around 20,000 in camps. With the onset of winter there is urgent requirement of warm clothes, quilts, tarapaullin sheets and firewood. We asked her to send an estimate which you can see in the mail below, so that we can raise some funds here and send. In a later mail she has also asked to add firewood as another requirement.
The JCI team’s assessment of immediate needs and what is doable from Delhi:
A. Tarpaulin Sheets
B. Quilts (Razais)
Donation of money is easier than purchasing in Delhi because carting thousands of tarpaulin sheets or quilts from Delhi to Muzaffarnagar is not easy. We recently solicited and got bulk donations of some essential medicines from a pharma company, but transporting them from Delhi was not easy because of lack of requisite permissions while crossing state borders (Delhi to UP). It is therefore preferable to purchase items locally and distribute them.
A. Tarpaulin Sheets:
Tarpaulin sheets/canvas sheets to cover the tents and prevent dew from seeping in. We are planning to distribute them in the 4 camps in Muzaffarnagar where JCI is working (approx 700 tents). We can purchase them on behalf of who ever wishes to donate and send them the receipt for the items.
For example, one tarpaulin sheet/canvas sheet @ INR 418, so for about 700 tents = INR 2,92,600.
So a donor can say they want to get Tarpaulin sheets for X number of tents.
For example, donation towards tarpaulin sheets for,
50 tents = INR 20,900 (twenty thousand approx)
100 tents = INR 41, 800
200 tents = INR 83,600
500 tents = INR 2,09,000 (two lakhs approx)
700 tents – INR 2, 92,600 (three lakhs approx)
B. Quilts:
In case you would rather contribute warm covering, blankets are now no longer sufficient. Over a month ago we had distributed blankets in some camps (but its now freezing at night). We now need thick razais (Quilts). And we are planning to get them immediately. 1 thick quilt is costing INR 600 locally. There are 1500 identified families we would like to give quilts to. (600 x 1500 = 9,00,000 INR)
So, donations can be made towards this also. If someone wants to donate, they can ask us to get quilts for X number of families, on their behalf .
For example, donation towards one quilt per family for,
100 families = INR 60,000
200 families = INR 1,20,000
500 families = INR 3,00,000
1000 families = INR 6,00, 000
1500 families = INR 9,00,000
Farah Naqvi


This is to request you to please send your contribution – small or big – to meet the immediate needs of the people there .


Donations to the relief effort can be made through cheque, bank transfer or cash.
1. CHEQUES (Indian or Foreign) in the name of Sadbhavana Trustmailed to:
MadhaviKuckreja (Ph. 9415104361, 9984616000), PuneetGoyal (8737095053, 9415410805)HameedaKhatoon(ph 9473789465) c/o Sadbhavana Trust 130, Jagdish Chandra Bose Road, QaiserBagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh,
India, 226 001.
Indian donations to be transferred to this Bank Account
Bank Account No. 586502010000564
MICR  &IFSC :UBIN0558656
City of Bank : LUCKNOW
Name of Trust : SADBHAVANA Trust
Address : 130, Jagdish Chandra Bose Road, QaiserBagh, Lucknow 226 001
PAN No of Trust :  AAATS2631R
Foreign donations  to be transferred to this Bank Account
Account Name:  Sadbhavana Trust
Account No. 602210100004883
Name of Bank:  Bank of India
Address of Bank: 7, Panchsheel Shopping Centre, New Delhi-110016
IFSC Code: BKID0006022
Branch Code: 6022
FCRA Registration No. 231650698

Cash donations, you can give to any Saheli. If you need to coordinate this, do email us or call Sadhna: 9899797963, or Vani: 9891128911


Please do treat this as urgent. The winters are pretty ruthless.

In solidarity
Sadhna & Vani







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