An excellent woman health professional  from Sudan labelled   #unsolvableproblem at the workplace and removed  as she is trying to help international health patients  and expose the health system 
By-  Hiba Salih
If I could make one rule that everyone had to follow…

Starting to realize I’ve missed out on Facebook recently when the virtual world can be so much better than our real physical world. But here is the thing, I was busy, very busy for 10 hours everyday “working”on helping #internationalpatients navigate the #UShealthsystem. In 2010, One of my wonderful teachers Khalifa Elmusharaf taught me and others all about health systems, broken ones and how there is so much available minds to fix them. Then, in 2011 David Egilman taught me and others all about #powerdynamics in the health field and in the US specifically.


Recently, I was confronted with a bad example of #abuseofpower and authority, unfortunately, in a field/business that does not tolerate that type of #mainpulation and abuse of power

This is not something that ” I” invented, NO. There are international regulatory authorities that governs the exchange that happens between patients and providers in any given health system, but without reporting, that exchange becomes controlled by whomever has more power. I #clashedwith the #powerful at my #workplace in the US recently and I want to explain why: I saw, documented, reported multiple incidents of misuse of power at my workplace, period. The problem was they were never used to that type of noting and they didn’t follow none of the well explained processes to prevent bad health outcomes or improve patient experience . The power dynamic there is so out of balance that leadership’s decision making is often reactive and very very subjective, how dare you recognise problems in the first place? and you have a #Voice , want to fix problems and prevent them from happening again?!


Here is how that system reacted: labeled me as an #unsolvableproblem at the workplace and removed me using their own security because I asked to only speak to the HR recruiter who signed my work contract !!! An alarming abuse of power that I’m intimidated -I do not often feel that way at work- to go to our on campus HR office because I already saw what they did to my work colleagues before.


I’m taking this very very seriously because it is very serious. Not only are they negatively interfering with my #livelihoodintheUS, smudging my reputation as a sound international health professional but more importantly, this #defectedmodelofhealthcare and absent leadership wants to reproduce/multiply internationally?!!!


I look at my current situation and recount my father’s conversation with my multicultural 8 month American born daughter: he says “Amani my love, your president say we come from a #shitholecountry, do you really think so???” he was sad of course but I was not at all!!!


Yes, #Trump was right, I agree with the man’s ability to call it as he sees it. But there is another part to Trump’s notion, and this is my perspective: when you come from a shit hole country your ability to recognize shit is advanced, even if I don’t see the shit with my own eyes, I’m able to smell the shit, different forms of shit, and because I’ve worked with shit and shit holes before, I can’t even stop myself from telling you where exactly is the hole, even explain to you how the shit got to where it is, how long it took to excrete it and finally the way to clean the shit. I like to think this country has the ability to at least clean shit when identified.

Otherwise, it will just be another shit hole country. Don’t you think?! or are you going to call security on me?