By Mouli Mareedu

Published: 03rd October 2014 06:00 AM

HYDERABAD: Do you know how many offenders reside in the city? According to a new report prepared by the city police, there are around 1.37 lakh offenders in the city and they include those who committed petty to serious offences like murder, attempt to murder, robbery, communal strife, sexual assault and kidnap.

To keep a vigil on the offenders’ movement, the city police are likely track the use of their Aadhar and ration cards. The new plan will be implemented shortly and all police stations will have a new software containing the Aadhar and ration card numbers of offenders.

Hyderabad police commissioner M Mahender Reddy has recently directed all the deputy and assistant commissioners of police to submit a comprehensive report on the crime scene and the total number of offenders residing in the city. He has received a report from all DCPs, who collected information from 60 police stations of law and order including Central Crime Station (CCS). It that revealed that as many as 1. 37 lakh offenders who involved in various offences are residing in various places.

The report that was submitted to Police Commissioner revealed that of the 1.37 lakh offenders, majority of the criminals were involved in repeated offences of chain- snatching, theft, communal flare-up and robbery. Besides, more than 80 per cent offenders have ration and Aadhar cards, and bank accounts with debit cards. Interestingly, offenders residing at a place in a particular police station limits commit offences in other police limits.

After Mahender Reddy received the report, the city police have planned to keep vigil on the movements of offenders by tracking their Aadhar and ration cards, and bank and ATM transactions.

“Police officials are busy collecting offenders’ Aadhar and ration card, and bank account numbers and other useful details for incorporation in to the new software being developed. The software will be installed at all police stations,” highly placed sources said.

As per the plan, if any serious offence such as murder, communal riot and chain- snatching takes place in a particular area, police will find out the modus operandi of the offence and will identify the suspects as per their previous modus operandi.