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Using a Barbie doll – 12-year-old deaf and mute girl explains sexual assault on her #Vaw

Karishma Kotwal


  • A deaf and mute girl was allegedly raped by her cousin who had come to her house during summer vacations
  • Police said the girl conveyed the details on what had happened to her by referring to the private parts of a doll

Using a Barbie doll, 12-year-old deaf and mute girl explains sexual assault on her

INDORE: A 12-year-old deaf and mute rape survivor used a doll to narrate the horror that she had to undergo at the hands of her cousin.

Dhar police along with counselors in Indore recorded the statements of the minor deaf and mute survivor using a doll on Tuesday.

The incident had left such an impact on the child’s mind that she became quiet and refused to interact with anyone. Following this, Dhar police contacted Anand Service Society director Gyanendra Purohit and his wife Monica to interact with the minor in sign language.

The couple reached the survivor’s house in Kumhar Gaddha area of Dhar and used a doll to record the statements of the girl.

Police said the girl conveyed the information on what had happened to her by referring to the private parts of the doll.

Initially, the minor, who was in a state of shock, did not disclose anything to her family. However, when she was no longer able to deal with the pain and excessive bleeding, she confided in her mother about the incident using sign language.

“The girl approached us along with her mother. Her mother told us that the girl’s 19-year-old cousin Omkar, who was living at her home for summer vacations, had raped her on finding her alone in the house,” Shailendra Singh Jadon, city Kotwali police station in-charge told TOI.

“The girl’s parents, who are daily wage labourers, had gone to work whereas her brothers were at school when the incident took place. Omkar allegedly locked the room and raped her. He also threatened her of dire consequences,” Jadon added.

While taking to the counselors, the minor started putting her hand in the lower apparel of the doll and also narrated the entire way in which the accused had ‘mistreated’ her.

“She was not comfortable in interacting about the incident and so we thought of bringing her a Barbie doll as a gift. There was also a male doll. She used both the dolls and showed us exactly how she was raped,” Gyanendra Purohit told TOI.

“A case has been registered and the accused will be arrested at the earliest. He had fled the house soon after the girl’s mother came to know about the incident,” said Jadon.


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  1. The heinous crime on deaf and mute girl should be condemned by everyone. The family relative should be probed and punished according to the law.

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