During the last week of September 2014, while Prime Minister Modi was visiting USA, Vadodara a city of Gujarat engulfed in riots, beating, killing and burning. I have received private video of the incident when the Police whose job is to prevent rioting, looting, and destruction of properties, are seen destroying minority community Muslim’s property, in a vengeful way. 


Riot started when an insurance agent, Sunil Rahulji, superimposed pictures of Hindu deities: Durga Mata on Kaaba & Hindu God Ganapati on Maqam-e-Ibrahim. He then published it on Facebook. This disturbed Muslims.


A Muslim crowd of 100s went to Rahulji’s house where shouting and clashing occurred. Later on, a busload of about 55 BJP supporters armed with pipes went to Muslim neighborhood of Taiwada, and Panjripol Mohalla. They broke doors of Muslim residents and beat them severely. Police arrested and charged young Muslims men with unbillable penal codes.  Police made them sign Kabool Nama statements. However, police refused to write FIR against Hindu rioters and hooligans. In Baroda/Vadodara, Yakutpur Police destroyed Muslim Rickshaw beat and arrested many Muslims

Please click the following link and watch how police are breaking windshields of Muslim rickshaws. Damaged to rickshaws may make their owners/drivers beggars and may make them take path of crime for feeding their families.


 2.31-minute video: police is seen destroying minority community’s vehicles.  Look at police vengeance.  http://youtu.be/67zl1PmA-Ug  


View 48-second video from World News Times Report.  pl. click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjlUOBKxOgw

One moron’s mean act took away lives and 


In USA, ZEE News didn’t mention anything about Baroda riots.

If India wants to progress, maliciously hurting emotions should be dealt firmly. Police destroying propertied should be given life term jail. There are many from BJP, VHP, ShivSena, Bajrang Dal, and some Muslim outfits who are bent upon creating chaos. Indians should defeat them by practicing justice and tolerance. Generally, in such riots, Muslims are presumed to be guilty and are thrown in jail, while Hindu perpetrators remain Scot-free. Akbar Allahabadi
(born 1846) has said,
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Asghar Vasanwala

Asghar Vasanwala