Nagpur -1st march 2014

Activist group working for Vidarbha farmers to asked AAP Activist Anjali Damania  to come clean on the media report that she has accumulated huge wealth by floating income tax laws and has been working on the agenda run Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathviraj Chavan and BJP leader Gopinath Munde to defame BJP ex-National president  Nitin Gadkari  as these allegations are creating doubts  in the mind of thousands of AAP well-wishers and  voters of Nagpur whom she is asking to defeat Nitin Gadkari even they are not voting to her indirectly asking people to vote for Congress Party that is much more shocking hence she should come clean on these allegations as common man is very much optimistic regarding anti-graft activities of AAP hence this request, Kishore Tiwari of VJAS informed in press release today

 It is reported in leading Marathi daily that AAP Activist Anjali Damania is being used by Maharashtra CM and BJP leader Gopinath munde and his group to damage creditability of BJP Nagpur Loksabha Candidate Nitin Gadkari and her statements in last one year shows same trend which creates doubts in mind of common voters hence she should come clean on this issue .
It is also reported that AAP Activist Anjali Damania had accumulated huge wealth from her “Alpine Village” a multi-crore Project consisting of posh Villas at Kondhane Village in Karjat, District Raigadh. Her Company recorded 180 times profit in the deal but she conceals the profit from the Public, as she failed to file Annual Reports of the Company- Shri Varadvinayak Developers Private Limited to the Registrar of Companies, Mumbai for the year 2011, 2012 and 2013. It brings to the light her ill-intension and apprehension of amassing Black Money from the deal and this charges are very serious and against AAP own guidelines of granting character certificate moreover it is also reported that She filed a PIL in Bombay High Court against F.A.Enterprises regarding construction of Kalu Dam in the vicinity of her multi-crore project in 2011 with Ajay Mathankar, whose father Vijay Mathankar being Whole-time Director of DB Group Companies which was promoted and backed by Shahid Balwa who came to light after 2G Scam hence such serious allegations is completely contrary to her claims of being Anti-Corruption crusader she was accompanied by such person who accumulated huge amount of Black Money hence her proving innocent is must ,Tiwari added .
More shocking these allegations social media has been reporting that Anjali Damania’s husband Anish Damania was the head of Institutional Equity at “Emkay Global Financial Services”. The said company placed more than 60 erroneous Institutional orders worth $125 million which equals to about Rs. 750 Crores which cause serious damage to the trade at National Stock Exchange on October 5, 2012 hence picture being painted AAP  Social Activist Anjali Damania alleged to have  amassed huge wealth under the guise of Social Service, has been disturbing AAP voters hence she is urged to come forward to clarification about the facts ,Tiwari added. .
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