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3rd of December is celebrated annually as the International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

Trinayani, (pronounced as TREE—NA—YA—NEE.) a Mumbai-Kolkata based trust, has been working relentlessly, for the last 8 years, in the area of AWARENESS about DISABILITY, and promoting INCLUSION of Persons With Disabilities in the mainstream living.

Founder Trustee Ritika Sahni and the entire team of Trinayani constantly strives to reach out to people with APPROPRIATE AWARENESS MESSAGES through Seminars, Inclusive Workshops, Posters, Books, Radio Programs and Films. One such short film from Trinayani is “Leave no one behind”, which we are about to watch, celebrating the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life. The film has been dubbed in 5 languages.

“Imagine how boring it would be

If Mother Nature believed in uniformity,

All living beings the same in colour and shape

The ant and the ape

A leopard and a bear

A watermelon and a pear

The leaves on every tree

The fish in every sea

And hey, maybe even you and me. !!!”

So, when we see someone with a visible disability, who is different from some of us, like a person with blindness or with a different way of walking or speaking, or doing some task in a different manner, we must always remember that the ‘difference’ is only on the surface. From inside, we are all the same. We all feel happy, sad, scared, loved or unwanted, for similar reasons, which make all of us a part of the same world.

There are so many of us who wear spectacles. Do you think this should be a reason for not allowing us to libraries or watch movies? Suppose some people say, “come on, they can’t even see properly without glasses, why do they need to read books or play video games?”

Do you think that is correct? Don’t you think that is discrimination?

So think of persons who need to use a wheelchair to move around with comfort, just like you, who need to use glasses to read or watch movies-TV more comfortably. They can’t go places only because nobody has thought of providing them with a simple convenience such as a sloping ramp to roll up their wheelchairs.

There are hundreds of offices, public utility and vacation places, a wheelchair user cannot access.

There are so many such issues that we need to give thought too. So let’s do that. Let’s remember to Celebrate Life and while doing so to Celebrate Inclusion. Let’s Honor, Respect and Include Persons with disabilities in all aspects of life.