May 20, 2023

By Pramod Madhav: Residents of Koliyanur village in Tamil Nadu’s Viluppuram district held a protest and threatened to self-immolate after some people from the Dalit community attempted to enter the 300-year-old Drowpathi Amman temple near the village during a festival.

A few days ago, during the temple festival, a group of Dalit villagers attempted to enter the temple but were stopped by the Hindu villagers, leading to clashes with the police.

Meanwhile, Dalit members of the village also protested and blocked the main road. The Valavanur Police filed a case under sections of the Prevention of Atrocities against the SC/ST Act. The Dalit members also approached state minister K Ponmudi during his visit to the collector’s office. The minister vowed legal action against anyone who stopped the Dalits from entering the temple.

Hindu villagers protested before the temple over the minister’s remarks, raising slogans against him. They also tried to return their government identification, such as Aadhaar cards and ration cards, as a form of protest.

As the regional transport officer tried to pacify the agitating Hindus, three villagers poured kerosene on themselves, threatening to self-immolate but were overpowered by the police.

Courtesy : India today