Virar man files police complaint saying rumours of him being a terrorist are spread after a fight with landlord over maintenance
A Virar-based man has filed a police complaint saying attempts were being made to brand him a terrorist following an argument with his landlord over maintenance charges.Saeed Sher Ali Khan, 30, submitted Whatsapp messages and photos to the Virar police to prove his case . In the complaint, Khan wrote that his friend had showed him the forwarded message on September 22. The photo showed him on a bike with a friend and the attached message, “If you see this man anywhere, catch him and take him to the police, because he is a terrorist. He is taking down peoples’ details. Be alert.“

Khan said that his problems started because he had refused to pay extra maintenance charges to his landlord, Salaam Younis Sheikh (the building Khan resides in is constructed on the land owned by Sheikh).

“Shaikh demanded that I pay him extra monthly charges of Rs 800 for maintenance, Rs 500 for electricity, Rs 500 for parking and Rs 200 for five gallons of water. While I was ready to pay the monthly maintenance and electricity charges, I refused to pay the rest.“

According to Khan, consequently, his Tata Magic tempo truck was set on fire by unknown people but when he reported this, the police refused to lodge a complaint. Khan also alleged that during the month of Ramzaan, he was beaten up by a group of nearly 20 people, including Shaikh.

“Salaam Younis Shaikh, Anwar Younis Shaikh and Mohsin Salaam Shaikh, along with a dozen other people assaulted me during Ramzan and then also, when I complained to the Palghar superintendent, no action was taken,“ said a dejected Khan.

In response, Senior inspector Younis Shaikh from Virar Police Station said, “We have received his complaint and will take the necessary action after a thorough investigation.“

Police sources said that Khan’s neighbours haven’t reported any problem with Sheikh.