It seems not all cows can be called `mata’. Not even the Jersey and Holstein-Friesian breeds which have contributed to the white revolution in Gujarat with their high yields of milk.When it comes to revering the cow for its nourishing milk, apparently only the native Indian breed qualifies.During the Rath Yatra in Ahmedabad on Wednesday , hoardings and banners sprung up asking people not to rear or promote foreign breeds of milch animals. One such hoarding put up by Bansari Gaushala in Bakrol outside the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation office displayed pictures of the “Indian cow“ and those of “videshi Jersey cow“. The banner appealed to devotees to feed only Indian cows as a matter of ritual.

“The Indian gau matas’ milk, urine, dung are holy .A recent scientific research has shown how cow urine has gold. Besides, cow milk has A2 proteins which is safe for health,“ the banner read.

The banner referred to the “Jersey cow“ as a “foreign milk giving animal“ and claimed that its “milk, dung and urine are not pure“. It alleged that foreign cow milk has A1 proteins which are harmful for health.

Vallabh Kathiria, chairman of Gauseva Ayog and Gauchar Vikas Board, pointed out not all milch animals are cows. “The Jersey cow is one milk giving animal among 55,000 mammals,“ he said. “Indian cows have a hump which is not there in European milch animals. For instance, Nilgai is not a cow nor can you call a camel or buffalo a cow. We ha ve been conducting awareness activities. The banners seen on Rath Yatra route today may have been put up by NGOs or private dairy bodies which are helping spread awareness,“ he added.

Raju Patel, owner of Bansari Gaushala in Bakrol village near Anand town, said because of the white revolution, people have forgotten about the indigenous cow breeds which are part of Indian religion and culture.

“I had put up six hoardings on Rath Yatra route informing people of the harm that foreign breed bovines -Jersey and Holstein-Friesian cows -have caused us. They have harmful ingredients like A1 proteins in their milk which cause fatty liver and other ailments,“ said Patelhttp://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/index.aspx?eid=31804&dt=20160707#