The President of Rihai Manch and lawyers: Muhammad Shoaib, Zaid Ahmad Farooqi, Shabroz Mohammadi, Saiyed Mohammad Wasi and Sheeraj Baba who got 14 innocent muslims charged with false cases of terrorism acquitted have raised 10 pertinent questions after meeting the local people of Thakurganj:

1. The local people told that they talked to the ATS and offered that they can convince the boy to surrender but ATS dismissed their suggestion. Did the ATS not want to catch him alive?

2. Why has Qayyum who was the landlord and neighbor of the accused been removed from his home along with the family and kept in an unknown place? What information does he have that the police is afraid of?

3. ATS claims that Saifullah was hidden in the inner room of the house. In this scenario the question arises how and from where was he firing at the police? Or how and from where was the police firing at him? This is an important question as there are no bullet marks on the door and the walls of the house. Did the police fire in the air to create an environment of terror and make their story sound realistic? If this is not true why are there no bullet marks on the door and the walls.

4. Why are the media and other people not being allowed to go inside the house.

5. According to reports till around 2pm in neighbor Qayyum’s house after there was feud between the father and the son, the police interrogated the accused as well. He was present their even when the feud was being resolved. The question arises that if he was guilty (was a terrorist) and if his accomplices had bombed a train why would he be resolving an issue in front of the police? Wouldn’t he have stayed away from the police?

6. According to the police they got the information that Saifullah is a terrorist from the Madhya Pradesh police. But how did they get such accurate information about where he was staying just on the basis of name? Because according to the police and the neighbours, the police didn’t even look at anyone else nor did they interrogate anyone else. They reached that very house straightaway. This is unusual.

7. According to the police, the accused was killed in cross-firing at night however, the local people claim that he was killed around 5 pm in the evening. Why do the local people disagree with the police’s claim?

8. According to the police they used the the Mirchi Bomb because they wanted to catch the accused alive. However, people living about 1 km away from the house said that even they were having difficulty in breathing because of the bomb. Why was Mirchi bomb used in such high quantity that it would make it impossible for a person living in a small room to stay alive. Did the ATS do this on purpose because they didn’t want to catch the accused alive?

9. According to ATS they have obtained the time table of the daily routine of the accused, which they consider their great achievement. This they have watsapped to various media groups and journalists as their achievement. However, this time table includes the timing of waking up, sleeping, eating, morning walk, reading namaz and discussing religious topics with friends. On what basis has the police considered as an evidence of terrorism?

10. The police is still unable to tell how is the accused connected to the train bombing in Jabri.