Wheelchair-bound, former DU professor GN Saibaba was convicted in 2017 and awarded a life sentence for having links with Maoists and indulging in anti-India activities.


File photo of GN Saibaba

File photo of GN Saibaba (Picture Courtesy: Twitter @Red_Pastures)

Nagpur Central Prison authorities refused to hand over a woollen cap and several other items to former Delhi University professor GN Saibaba, his lawyer alleged on Sunday. Aged 54, Saibaba is serving a life sentence after he was convicted by a court in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli in 2017 for having links with Maoists and indulging in anti-India activities.ADVERTISING

Responding to the allegations, Superintendent of Nagpur prison Anup Kumre said, “We accept all the necessary things as well as things required as he (Saibaba) has health issues. We always accept the things which are necessary and are essential for him. However, we cannot allow everything inside.”

Aakash Sarode, Saibaba’s lawyer told news agency PTI that Nagpur Central Prison authorities accepted 13 out of the 34 items meant for the former DU professor. It is important to note that GN Saibaba is wheelchair-bound with 90 per cent disabilities.

“A month back, Prof Saibaba had consulted with the jail authorities about the essential things that he requires and which can be brought from outside. Subsequently, he made a list of the things and submitted an application to the jail authorities so that his family could send these articles,” Sarode added.

Saibaba’s family sent these articles to the lawyer who went to the jail on December 24 to hand them over to the former DU professor. “However, the jail staff refused to accept several things, which neither pose any security threat nor pose any danger of Covid-19 spread,” Aakash Sarode claimed.

Blank white papers, a note pad, a wrist weight cuff used for physiotherapy, a shampoo bottle, a woollen cap, a napkin and a copy of ‘India Today’ magazine were among the things Nagpur Central Prison authorities refused to hand over to GN Saibaba.

courtesy india today