A farewell ceremony was organised this afternoon for Justice S Muralidhar at the Delhi High Court

A farewell ceremony was organised this afternoon for Justice S Muralidhar at the Delhi High Court

The Central Government had notified Justice Muralidhar’s transfer to the Punjab and Haryana High Court on February 26.Bar & BenchMar 5, 2020, 1:50 PM IST

The Delhi High Court Bar Association today bid farewell to Justice S Muralidhar, whose transfer to the Punjab and Haryana High Court was recently notified.

We are losing a most eminent judge who can discuss on any topic of law and decide any type of matter”, observed Chief Justice DN Patel at the farewell ceremony held this afternoon.

Secretary of the Delhi High Court Bar Association, Abhijat observed that the “Kohinoor” of the High Court would be “only going a few 100 kilo meters away.”

When it was his turn to speak, Justice Muralidhar remarked,”Coming to this court was an unbelievable irony.”Justice S Muralidhar

He informed the gathering how law was not the first choice when it came to his career. He said,

“I was not meant to do law. I used to play cricket with the son of a lawyer and I used to leave my cricket bag in his chambers. I had signed up for MSC.”

Justice S Muralidhar

Justice Muralidhar eventually began a law practice in Chennai in September 1984. He shifted to Delhi to practice at the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court in 1987. At the event today, he also spoke of his early days in Delhi, when he was a junior under Former Attorney General G Ramaswamy.

During his address President of the Delhi High Court Bar Association, Mohit Matur added that Justice Muralidhar was an exceptional junior at G Ramaswamy’s chamber.

Photos from the Farewell event today
Photos from the Farewell event today

Justice Muralidhar also spoke of the Bhopal gas tragedy case, in which he had appeared as a counsel. He recounted how the issue of whether the interest on the compensation paid to victims should also have gone to victims had to be re-argued multiple times before various Benches.

The issue was put to rest after if finally came up before a Bench headed by Justice BN SriKrishna. He told the gathering of how,

“Within 10 minutes of matter being heard, Justice Krishna Iyer decided.”

Justice S Muralidhar

He also spoke of how he appreciates it when young lawyers come to Court having prepared well to argue. He said,

“Youngsters may have seen me irritated when they come to my court without any paper and just an appearance slip – I want juniors to come prepared and seize opportunities to argue.”

Justice S Muralidhar

As Justice Muralidhar concluded his address, he remarked,“When justice has to triumph, it will triumph … Be with the truth – Justice will be done.”Justice S Muralidhar

On a lighter note, he also remarked,

“Last week a young lawyer came and asked me – sir do you dye – inquiring about my hair- and I responded saying one day everyone has to but for now I’m ready to take charge at the Punjab & Haryana High Court.”

Justice S Muralidhar

The vote of thanks was rendered by the Vice President of the Delhi High Court Bar Association. In doing so, he also said, “This spectacular farewell is our answer to those asking what would Bar do now that the Collegium’s recommendation has been accepted by the Centre.”