By-  Ernest Flanagan


Who killed Gauri Lankesh? And got away scot free?
Two bike bourne assailants, somehow affliated to the BJP?

Shooting a helpless woman, what message does it send?
If you go against the establishment, this will be your end ?

Did she get our support, when she stood up for you and me?
Defying the forces of communalism, to be secular and free

Did you stand with her, when she took on right wing factions?
Did she stop to consider, the consequence of her actions?

No no we’re all cowards who try to stay home and safe
We sit on the fence on facebook and tremble in disgrace

But a bird-like figure like Gauri, stood like a gigantic rock
The forces of communalism were forced to retreat in shock

How many more like her, have to let their life blood run
And fall prey to the forces of evil, and the bullets of a gun

When will you say enough and bravely take a stand?
And stop the rot that’s eating up this great land ?

Gauri is one of the bravest people the world has ever known
A true Indian Hero that we can truly call our own

Who killed Gauri Lankesh? The answer is plain to see

……………………………E J F…………………………..