Mukul Sinha December 26, 2013

SIT said neither Modi nor 59 others which included the top police bosses of all 26 districts and 5 police Commissionerate were responsible for the heinous murders of the victims. Supreme Court without registering an FIR asked SIT to look into the complaint of Zakia Jafri.

The Supreme Court treated the report of SIT as a 173(8) report of Gulberg Society case (meaning that it was report of further investigation of Gulberg case) directed the SIT to file the report before the Magistrate that took cognition of the Gulberg case.

Today that Magistrate upheld the SIT report giving clean chit to Modi and the rest of the proposed accused.

BJP AND VHP activists also say they killed no one.

SO NO ONE KILLED THE 1000 or so innocent men, women and children in the 2002 violence.

So it is not just Modi but all rioters stand acquitted. This is what the judicial system of our country can deliver. The only reality is that over a 1000 men, women and children are dead butchered ruthlessly by the fascist forces. The dead will continue to seek justice and ask the Supreme Court as to who killed them?

Why did the Supreme Court make the fatal error of treating the report of SIT as a report in Gulberg case when most of the evidence of violence were in the other cases like Naroda Patia or Naroda Gam cases where Modi’s Minister Kodnani or VJP boss Jaideep Patel were accused? Why didn’t the amicus curi point this error to the Supreme Court?

And lastly, why did Zakia’s advocate agree to the SIT report to become a part of Gulberg case and not an independent criminal case by insisting on a separate FIR? For the sake of justice, Supreme Court ought to review its order treating the SIT report as a part of Gulberg case and get the case reopened separately. Then only will the dead rest in peace.


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