Aarogya Setu’s developers have made the entire list of contributors public on GitHub, along with source code of the Android version of the app. It includes government and industry/academia “leaders”, many of whom had come out in the public for their involvement with the app as advisors, such as Lalitesh Katragadda, Deep Kalra and Rahul Matthan, and public and private contributors who have similarly made their contributions to the app public in different fora.

All government contributors are from the National Informatics Centre. We have learnt that each of the 34 industry contributors (separate from industry leaders) is either from 1mg or MakeMyTrip (MMT and Goibibo merged in 2016): 13 are from Goibibo, 10 are from MakeMyTrip (one of them left MMT in April), 4 from 1mg and 1 from NITI Aayog. We could not find details for 6 of the contributors, though one of them is from Go-MMT.

Jaydeep Dutta, Senior Vice President (UX Design) at MakeMyTrip, in a previous webinar, had clarified that he is a private volunteer, and in an interview with MediaNama in April, Arnab Kumar, the then Program Director of Frontier Technologies at NITI Aayog, who has been spearheading the project, had said that all private individuals who are contributing to this project are doing so in their personal capacity. Prashant Tandon, the co-founder of 1mg, had categorically denied the involvement of the company in the development of Aarogya Setu when the app was launched on April 2. Similarly, when we had reached out to MakeMyTrip on the launch of the app on April 2, we were told, “While we are involved in multiple conversations with industry bodies and government, Go-MMT is not involved in it.”

Despite releasing this list, there are certain names that have been associated with the app since its launch on April 2 that are missing from the list. This includes Prashant Tandon (1mg) and Arnab Kumar (NITI Aayog), both of whom were acknowledged by NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant when the app’s Android version was made open source yesterday. Similarly Arghya Sengupta, the founder and director at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, who had developed the data sharing Protocol for MEITY and was name checked by VijayRaghavan yesterday, is not there in the list. (Update May 27, 2020 3:34 pm: After the article was published, the list was updated with the missing names. Those have been added in bold below.)

We know from our interviews with Rahul Matthan and Arnab Kumar, and from attending a webinar where Kumar and Dutta spoke about the app that individuals from the private sector have not entered into formal contracts with the government and are working on a pro bono basis.

Here’s a complete list of contributors available on GitHub at the time of publishing:

Government leaders

  • Prof. K VijayRaghavan (Principal Scientific Advisor, he will set up the expert committee that will govern sharing of anonymised data with research institutions as per the Aarogya Setu Data Access and Knowledge Sharing Protocol, 2020 that the IT Ministry had released on May 11)
  • Amitabh Kant (NITI Aayog CEO)
  • Ajay Prakash Sawhney (MEITY Secretary)
  • Dr Neeta Verma (NIC Director General)
  • Gopala Krishnan S [sic] (MEITY Additional Secretary)
  • R.S. Mani (NIC Deputy Director General)
  • Abhishek Singh (MyGov CEO)
  • Dr Seema Khanna (NIC Scientist-G)

Industry/academia leaders

  • Dr Lalitesh Katragadda (Indihood, ex-Google)
  • Dr V Kamakoti (IIT Madras, National Security Advisory Board)
  • Deep Kalra (MakeMyTrip)
  • Arnab Kumar (ex-NITI Aayog)
  • Prashant Tandon (1mg, co-founder)
  • Prof. Amrutur Bharadawaj (India Institute of Science)
  • Vikalp Sahni (Goibibo CTO)
  • Rahul Goyal (Goibibo Senior Vice President of Engineering)
  • Rahul Matthan (Partner, Trilegal)
  • Arghya Sengupta (Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Founder and Director)

Government Contributors

  1. D.B. Nayak
  2. Pawan Joshi
  3. Amit Kumar
  4. Hari Haran M.
  5. Syed Hasan Mahmood
  6. Ashwini Kumar
  7. Gaurav Kansal
  8. Ashish Kataria
  9. Gautam Bhati
  10. Kundan Kumar
  11. Taha Owais
  12. Amit Sawant
  13. Ajoy Agarwal
  14. Vinay Singh
  15. Anoop Kumar
  16. Shiv Gupta
  17. Vikash Kumar
  18. Manisha Agrawal
  19. Vikas Chaubey
  20. Deepak Rawat
  21. Shipra Saxena

(All government contributors are from NIC)

Industry Contributors

  1. Aalekh Sharan (ex-NITI Aayog)
  2. Akash Kumar (MakeMyTrip, Director — User Experience)
  3. Aman Kapoor (Goibibo, Software Engineer)
  4. Anjali Aggarwal (MakeMyTrip Senior Software Engineer)
  5. Ankit Garg (1mg, iOS App Developer)
  6. Ankit Gupta (MakeMyTrip, Lead Software Engineer)
  7. Ankit Raj (Goibibo, Data Scientist)
  8. Anusheel Singh (Goibibo, Senior Software Engineer)
  9. Ashok Kumar Bhakhar
  10. Astha Goel (MakeMyTrip, User Experience Designer)
  11. Bhoomit Vasani (Amazon Web Services, ex-MakeMyTrip)
  12. Chandrapal Yadav (Goibibo, Engineering Manager)
  13. Damanpreet Singh (Goibibo, Senior Technical Lead)
  14. Dhananjay Kumar (Goibibo, Associate Director of Technology)
  15. Digjot Singh (MakeMyTrip, UX Designer)
  16. Jaskaran Singh
  17. Jasmeet Singh (MakeMyTrip, Senior Vice President)
  18. Jaydeep Dutta (MakeMyTrip, Senior VP — UX Design)
  19. Juhi Dua (MakeMyTrip)
  20. Keshav Agrawal (Goibibo, Senior Technical Lead)
  21. Kunal Prasad
  22. Manuj Porwal (1mg, Technical Architect)
  23. Naveen Setia (Goibibo, Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics)
  24. Niharika Arora (1mg, Senior Software Engineer)
  25. Praveen Bhagat
  26. Punit Chhajer (Go-MMT)
  27. Radha Krishan (Goibibo, Director — Technology Support, QA, Tools Development)
  28. Sanket Bansal (MakeMyTrip, Senior Software Developer)
  29. Saurav Yadav (Goibibo, Senior Engineering Manager — DevOps)
  30. Sunny Shah (Goibibo, Associate Director)
  31. Surabhi Vatsa (Goibibo, Data Engineer)
  32. Vikrant Chaudhary
  33. Vivek Ratakonda (Goibibo, Senior Software Engineer)
  34. Abhijeet Choudhary (1mg, iOS Developer) (added to the GitHub list on June 1)

Update (October 29, 3:47 pm): Added Abhijeet Choudhary’s name to the list and revised related numbers throughout the article.

Update (May 30, 2020 4:46 pm): Updated with affiliation of Punit Chhajer.

Update (May 27, 2020 3:34 pm): After the article was published, the list was updated with the missing names. Those have been added in bold above. Originally published on May 27, 2020 at 1:18 pm