Say NO to Modi

Why do we oppose NaMo as prime ministerial candidate of the BJP?


Many grassroots level women and democratic rights groups and movements are deeply concerned over the projection of Narendra Modi – NaMo – as the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP. Modi came to the limelight in 2002 after the Gujarat genocide and brutalisation of Muslims – a brazen attempt by BJP to polarise voters on communal lines. When BJP declared mid-term Lok Sabha elections in 2004, hoping to reap electoral harvest from the violence — the Indian electorate resoundingly rejected their communal politics as well as fake India Shining Campaign. Modi is also the favoured candidate of big companies and industries who want a repeat of his Gujarat policies across India — policies of taking from the poor and giving to the rich. The Indian media is also trying to pre-decide the outcome of the 2014 elections, by declaring Modi to be the inevitable PM. This is a brazen subversion of democracy. The time to deliver another verdict against this kind of politics has come again. What are these politics?


  • Politics that is based on hate and active exclusion of minority communities from the democratic and secular fabric of our country. Who can forget those speeches spewing venom and hate?
  • Politics that represents the unabashed use of sexual violence on women as a significant engine of such genocide.
  • Politics that represses all voices of dissent: BJP is emerging as a party with no other voice than of a man like Modi with a 56 inch chest. We are facing a macho and repressive political regime ahead if BJP with Modi at its helm comes to power.
  • A leader who has no qualms about crushing dissent within his own party? He will target even the police and the bureaucrats when they voice opinions different from his own. Is this “good governance”?
  • His claims of governance and development are being debunked on a daily basis because figures and data given by him are manipulated to serve only one purpose and that is to hide many inequalities and injustices plaguing Gujarat. We know that his development model only includes corporate giants like Ambanis and Adanis and even something as basic as healthcare is not for the poor but for only those who can afford private healthcare.


And specifically, on the occasion of this International Women’s Day we highlightsome other ‘achievements’ of NaMo:

Police and IB in Gujarat actively participates in the killing of an innocent young woman.

He blamed abysmal malnutrition levels in Gujarat on Gujarati girls’ obsession with dieting.

Called Sunanda Pushkar a “50 Crore ki girlfriend”.

After thousands of women were raped and murdered in Gujarat in 2002, he asked

whether relief camps should be run as “baby producing centres”.


Is this a man with integrity?

Is this a man we can trust with the leadership of this country?

The answer is a resounding NO!


As we move into the last month before the 2014 elections that will be held from April 7 to May 12, 2014, we have to think of how to prevent him from carrying his divisive agendas onto the national stage.


NOMOre Hate Politics!   NOMOre Stifling of Dissent!  NOMOre Lies about “Good Governance”!


Say No to NaMo!!



About us: NOMOre is a non-funded, non-party affiliated citizen’s campaign that aims to challenge the politics that Narendra Modi represents and the imminent threat his politics poses to democracy, development and justice. We are committed to ensuring that voters have the information and understanding needed to decide whether they want to vote for a party like the BJP that supports such a candidate.




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