By- Adv Vrinda Grover

In response to the HT Artcile Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case – CBI chief partied with former IB boss he charged  and my FB post this morning, demanding dismissal of CBI Director Ranjit Sinha for compromising the integrity and impartiality of CBI by socialising with accused IB Officer Rajinder Kumar, who has been chargesheeted by the CBI for murder and criminal conspiracy in the Ishrat Jahan killings, my friend Bhupendra Chaubey, Political Editor CNN-IBN, asked me on fb, “But how is it a crime if he met him socially. Plus Rajendra was ultimately chargesheeted.”

My reply to Bhupee is pasted here. We need to go back to first principles. No this subversion of justice will not casue any news anchor on TV, to express outrage, get furious, or ask any sharp or even plain anagry questions!

“Accused IB officer, Rajinder Kumar is yet to be prosecuted by the same CBI that is headed by Ranjit Sinha. While Ranjit Sinha fulfills his social obligations, does he care a damn about his professional duties and code of conduct that binds him and all police officers. He is no less than the Director CBI. This si a very grave breach by Ranjit Sinha, but clearly we have to come to such a pass that it has to be spelt out.

The Supreme Court has repeatedly said “Justice must not only be done , but must also seen to be done.” In this case for no legal reason, Rajinder Kumar, was never arrested by CBI, only the supplememtary chargesheet was filed. That too after a gap of 6 months since the filing of the first chargesheet.

And 2 months before the general election, which any reasonable persopn knew would lead to a change of govt at the Centre. Was such courtesy shown to a IB officer becaue he suppled arms and conspired to kill people in cold blood or because he is their friend and associate? What confidence can Shamima Kauser repose in the CBI after this? You do know that CBI is also the Prosecuting agency in this case and the trial is yet to begin in Ahmedabad Court. Rajinder Kumar has been cahrgesheeted for murders, not a road accident. This case is even otehrwise quite politically fraught. GL Singhal and 3 otehr cops who were chargesheeted for the murder of Ishrat Jahan, have been reinstated in Gujarat police. They gave statements and evidence to the CBI that establishes this conspiracy. Did the CBI even squeal at this brazen interference with the administartion of justice. The CBI has in its custody an audio clip that establishes that the Advocate General of Gujarat, along with accused cop GL Singhal, senior bureaucrats of Gujarat, including the PS to the then Chief Minister N Modi, lawyer for the accsued cops, strategised a at a meeting, how to block the probe and pronouncement of the killing of Ishrat and others as a fake encounter. A clearer case of interference in the adminsitration of justice cannot be made out.

The Chief Minister N Modi did not remove Advocate General, Mr. Trivedi from the constitutional post and the CBI never investigated and chargesheeted all the senior Law Officer, govt officials, police officers and lawyers, involved in this crime. Institutions are being subverted, high offices of public trust compronised. The crime is not limited to one case, the legal system and the judiciary is the last refuge of the citizen. It is being dismantled before your eyes.”