234d4cfc-fff1-46b7-a43e-20b4a49a99aaA recent incident that occurred in Singrauli District of Madhya Pradesh highlights the lack of quality of care during Sterilization Camps being held at the health facilities.
In order to meet the target, a large number of women were brought in for sterilization at the camp and were made to rest on the floor because of lack of space. The others who could not find a place even on the floor were discharged post the operation without any follow up examination.
As per the norms, a government vehicle is supposed to drop the women home but in the absence of a vehicle the women had to use the public transport system to return home. One auto rickshaw carrying the women overturned injuring the women inside.
Such flouting of norms is ironical since the Collector of Singrauli district has been assigned the responsibility of overseeing the sterilization camps across the whole State.