PM Narendra Modi recently said: ‘My government’s only religion is ‘India first’; my government’s only religious book is the Indian Constitution; our only devotion is ‘Bharat Bhakti’, and our only prayer is for the welfare for all.’ Modi can say what he wants but there’s no denying the sudden vigour among the saffron elements since the BJP came to power.

The above video actually shows Yogi Adityanath, a BJP MP, promoting necrophilia.

He is actually seen asking men to dig the graves of Muslim women and defile their dead bodies by raping them. We also have people trying to convince us in the Indian Science Congress that ancient India had huge space-invading aeroplanes;the Gita should be made the national book; that Russia was once Hindu; astrology is the best science; a sage conducted nuclear tests in ancient India; all Hindu women should have four babies and that Ganesha had cosmetic surgery.

There have been also attempts to downplay the achievement of anyone who’s non-Hindu like Mother Teresa, while anyone who questions the logic is deemed anti-national. We also have a new Censor Board which loves Narendra Modi to bits and is planning to cleanse our cinemas completely!