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Narratives of Police Illegality – Sudhir Dhawale and Arun Ferreira Cases

EPW –Vol – XLIX No. 28, July 12, 2014 | Anand Teltumbde All the so-called Maoist cases, including those of radical political activists Sudhir Dhawale and Arun Ferreira, present a pattern which clearly brings out the mala fide intention of police to… Continue Reading →

Arun Ferreira – Torture and Human Rights Violations of Political Prisoners

  Vivek BendreArun Ferreira after his release from Nagpur Central Jail on February 4. ARUN FERREIRA was neither a firebrand activist nor a rabble-rouser. Rather, he was known for his work among the poor and the marginalised. So his arrest in 2007… Continue Reading →

After 5 years in jail, Mumbaikar acquitted of naxal charges

  ALOK DESHPANDE, MUMBAI, February 4, 2014  After spending five years in prison, Mumbai resident Arun Ferreira, who was slapped with 11 cases accusing him to be a Naxalite, is now a free man. He was acquitted from the last case… Continue Reading →

Prisons in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Odisha see a wave of hunger strikes

Aarefa Johari ·   Since January 26, close to 500 prisoners in the jails of Jharkhand, Nagpur and Odisha have been on hunger strikes to highlight gaps in India’s criminal justice system   On Monday, 169 prisoners in Maharashtra’s Nagpur Central Jail… Continue Reading →

Arun Ferreira – spending time in jail has strengthened my resolve to change the system #mustread

‘If they thought they would cow me down, they were mistaken’ Mumbai Mirror | Feb 4, 2014, 12.44 AM Mumbai-based Arun Ferreira, who was arrested in Nagpur in 2007 as a Naxalite, was acquitted in the first nine cases against him in… Continue Reading →

#India- In Custody: Five Years in Jail and Innocent #sedition #dissent #Prison #Justice

January 15, 2013,  By Michael Edison Hayden, Wall street journal, India  Roberto Schmidt/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images A man peeked through an opening of a door to a prison ward at the Tihar jail, New Delhi, April 26, 2012. This week, India… Continue Reading →

#India- Open letter to #BenRattray, #CEO, #Change.org – “Et tu Brutus” #kracktivism

Dear Ben Rattray You  started  change.org ,to change  the world, you did made an impact on social change in last five years,in US. In the developing world especially in India , there was mutli-fold increase in petitions, in last one year…. Continue Reading →

The Trials Of A Political Prisoner: Arun Ferriera recounts custodial torture, life and irony in prison

Arun Ferreira, a civil rights activist, spent four and a half years inside Maharashtra’s prisons because the police believed that he was a Maoist. He speaks of life inside prisons, of hierarchies behind bars and the ubiquity of torture in… Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka on trial, but case against India

Anahita Mukherji, TNN | Mar 25, 2012, By giving me electric shocks, by stripping me naked, or by brutally assaulting me and inserting stones in my rectum, will the problem of Naxalism end? When I was being stripped, I felt someone should… Continue Reading →

Bajirao in Maharashtra and Eliminators in Chhattisgarh torture in Police Lock ups- Arun Ferreira

Arun ferreira , who was inside prison for more than four years talks about his experience of torture in the police custody and police lock ups in . He speaks our that there is difference of torture in police custody… Continue Reading →

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