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India -Private Hospitals Taking Lambani women for a ride with unnecessary hysterctomies #Vaw

  PLEASE SIGN PETITION BELOW   Karnataka Chief Minister: STOP medically unwarranted hysterectomies and arrest erring doctors Now T.V. SIVANANDAN A random sampling of 76 women has revealed that most hysterectomies were medically unnecessary. There’s a nexus between private hospitals… Continue Reading →

#India – include hysterectomies in NFHS #womenrights #healthcare

AARTI DHAR, The Hindu Health activists and civil society groups have demanded inclusion of hysterectomies as a component in the fourth round of National Family Health Survey, and the data so generated be used for formulating guidelines to conduct surgeries… Continue Reading →

#India – The silenced wombs #disability #Vaw

Does the presence of disability mean the absence of rights? Divya Sreedharan reports on how hysterectomies are often forced on disabled women. Farheena was just 10 and a half when she attained puberty. Doctors asked her mother Farida Rizwan to… Continue Reading →

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