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P Rajeeve’S motion in #Rajyasabha asking the amendment of #66A #ITact

P Rajeeve MP Rajya Sabha who has earlier moved the annulment montion in the Rajya Sabha is now moving a Private member motion today in the RS demanding the ammendment of IT act. The text of his speech is as… Continue Reading →

ATTN -Call 09266802178 to demand repeal of Sedition Law

Support the campaign of People’s Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL) to repeal the draconian SEDITION LAW created by the British to stifle India’s freedom movement. Today, the law is used in democratic India by the government to suppress criticism and crush… Continue Reading →

#Russia -#Censorship f’Internet blacklist law takes effect #FOS #FOE

Nov 1, 2012  BBC A law that aims to protect children from harmful internet content by allowing the government to take sites offline has taken effect in Russia. The authorities are now able to blacklist and force offline certain websites… Continue Reading →

#India- Price of asking a question to a Minister #Chhattisgarh #torture #Foe #FOS

The Price of a Question October 28, 2012 Deccan Chronicle , Bengaluru, Anwar Hussain The price of a question I am yet to recuperate from the I trauma I have been through after I innocently asked a question to Chief Minister Raman… Continue Reading →

#India- FM radio stations under scanner #Censorship #FOE #FOS

The government is planning to set up a facility that will monitor the programme content that is broadcast on FM Radio stations during the 12th Five year plan. Information and Broadcasting secretary Uday Kumar Varma said there was a need… Continue Reading →

Freedom to criticize religion is a touchstone of free expression’ #censorship #FOE

  by Farooq Sulehria Anyone incensed by symbolic violence, such as the video in the US or cartoons in France, should retaliate with symbolic violence in the same way or with peaceful protest. Not through physical violence Muslims should ‘simply ignore… Continue Reading →

Internet blocks, freedom of expression and reasonable restrictions

  Nikhil Pahwa, of  http://www.medianama.com/ writes on FB Four points I made yesterday at the FICCI organized meeting with the IT Secretary R. Chandrashekhar and CERT-in Head Gulshan Rai on IT Rules, Internet blocks, freedom of expression and reasonable restrictions  (from my… Continue Reading →

Indian Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi to be tried For Treason #sedition #WTFnews

Indian cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, this year’s Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award winner (along with Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat) plans on turning himself over to the police in Mumbai in the next couple of days over controversial cartoons he posted on his web site… Continue Reading →

Tweeting the Principles of Internet Freedom #FOE #Censorship

       byMera Szendro Bok   Posted 6 August 2012 15:39 GMT Categories: Advocacy, Feature, Freedom of Expression, Privacy   Here’s a good opportunity to share with your friends and coworkers on Twitter, as well as other Declaration supporters and signers whatThe Declaration of Internet… Continue Reading →

Dear Twitter: Corporate censorship is still #censorship

  July 31, 2012 By Andrew Couts Opinion: Twitter’s apparent willingness to censor a user to protect its corporate friends damages the company’s image as a champion for free speech. UPDATE: Guy Adams’s Twitter account has been restored, as of… Continue Reading →

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