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#India – KEEP CALM and #66A ON #censorship #FOE #FOS

Graphic novelist Vishwajyoti Ghosh casts a mirthful eye on what we might confront on our ultimate day on this planet exclusively for TOI-Crest

#India changes controversial Internet governance position #FOE #Censorship #FOS #goodnews

on Source: Index on Censorship (Index on Censorship/IFEX) – October 29, 2012 – Following outrage from India’s civil society and media, it appears the country’s government has backed away from its proposal to create a UN body to govern the internet…. Continue Reading →

Govt control on internet: How Indian netizens have won #goodnews

  Firstpost Aug 16, 2012 By Rajeev Chandrasekhar The Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has supported my stand on the need for consultation with multi-stakeholder groups in India before finalising the stand in UN. He assured that the Government will review its… Continue Reading →

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