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Sunanda Pushkar: A life and death under the media spotlight

Jyoti Prabhakar,TNN | Jan 18, 2014, 0 She came as she went – suddenly. Sunanda Pushkar was a name we’d never heard of till three years ago, when suddenly she became the toast of the Delhi party circuit. She was seen in social soirees… Continue Reading →

#India – CBI chief’s betting remark: Why rape is never a good analogy #Vaw

by Piyasree Dasgupta Nov 13, 2013 If you had thought that the unnecessary use of misplaced metaphors is the special talent of politicians in India,  think again. Speaking at a CBI conference on corruption, the director of the investigative agency, Ranjit… Continue Reading →

BCCI: Billionaires Control Cricket in India- P Sainath

The ‘bring-us-their-heads’ humiliation in store for the Fab Four only hijacks the debate from what IPL is doing to Indian cricket. Scoring 30s and 40s (even 20s) at a quick clip is pretty okay in the Indian Premier League. That’s… Continue Reading →

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