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The Niyamgiri Movement as a Landmark of Democratic Process

THE NIYAMGIRI MOVEMENT AS A LANDMARK OF DEMOCRATIC PROCESS By Felix Padel Vikalp Sangam The Gram Sabhas that took place in a dozen villages in Niyamgiri in July-August 2013, in compliance with a Supreme Court Judgement in April, show India’s democratic process… Continue Reading →

#India – Faking Happiness is forced to Present the ‘ VEDANTA ANTHEM” #HipHop #mustshare

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Kamayani for FAKING HAPPINESS CAMPAIGN     An Indo-German collaboration with production by the talented DJ BC from Germany and the lyrics and vocals by A-List from India. A List is a raptivist and a member of Faking Happiness campaign. This track… Continue Reading →

1000 plus signatures to #NDTV and #PriyankaChopra against #Vedanta #socialmedia #CSR #must share

  Mumbai Mirror, Oct 2, 2013      We were the first to tell you about Aishwarya turning down an offer to be the face of a girl child campaign launched by a controversial mininggiant. The honour, if one may call it… Continue Reading →

Vedanta Talks Of “Pride” Post Shame, Faking Happiness #CSR #Vedanta #NDTV #Priyankachopra #mustread

By Prerna Bakshi   On the 19 of August, NDTV and their partner group Vedanta announced the launch of their ‘Our girls Our pride’ campaign with Priyanka Chopra as the campaign ambassador. This happened on a day when Vedanta suffered… Continue Reading →

#India- Dongria Tribals give ‘ FINAL VERDICT’ on Vedanta Mining in Niyamgiri #Video #Mustshare

‘NIYAMGIRI VERDICT”(Duration 30min) by KBKNEWS For more than a decade now, these adivasis are waging a historic battle against the Indian State. The battle is to save Niyamgiri — their sole provider, their god — from becoming a tamed object of… Continue Reading →

#India – Do we really need the bauxite from Niyamgiri ? #Vedanta

  Author: Sayantan Bera  Posted on: 28 Aug, 2013 Existing mines can comfortably meet India’s demand for the next thirty years, at levels three times our current consumption Forest dwellers from Niyamgiri rejected proposed mining at India’s first ever environment referendum. Will… Continue Reading →

#India – Where is POSCO headed?

Author(s): Sayantan Bera [1] Issue Date: 2013-8-26 Odisha government has completed land acquisition for plant site but proposed mining in Khandadhar hills might stir up another struggle A file photo from 2011 shows women and children holding ground in Gobindapur village… Continue Reading →

Open letter to Priyanka Chopra on #NDTV – #Vedanta- Our Girls Our Pride Campaign #Vaw

Dear Priyanka  Chopra, At the outset, I would like to say that I am a fan, and applaud your choices of multi-faceted roles, often going against the tide of Indian cinema ,you have carved your own niche. To the fraternity and… Continue Reading →

#India – Why a tribal revolution is a big India story #Vedanta #Niyamgiri #Sundayreading

By Meenal Baghel, Mumbai Mirror | Aug 18, 2013, 1 Tribal revolution 1364 km away is a big India story Top: District judge Sarat Chandra Misra (fifth from front) is accompanied by an orderly, a CRPF platoon, a tehsildar and local police as… Continue Reading →

#India – 11th Village rejects mining, Score Card- Niyamgiri – 11- Vedanta -0

Odisha: Eleventh Gram Sabha rejects Niyamgiri mining plan Tuesday, August 13, 2013 Report by Kishore Dash, Rayagada: Khambesi gram sabha in Rayagada district opposes mining in Niyamgiri. The eleventh Gram Sabha held at Khambesi village under Muniguda block in Rayagda… Continue Reading →

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