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If there is terror, it has to be a Muslim. If he is a Muslim, he has to be from the IM #minorityrights

  Nothing Learnt If there is terror, it has to be a Muslim. If he is a Muslim, he has to be from the IM. If it is the IM, it must have acted at the instance of Pakistan’s Inter-Services… Continue Reading →

#India- Shocking case of miscarriage of justice

Wanton Lawlessness, Outlook The Lajpat Nagar bomb blast case of 1996 shows horrendous police culpability — if the court had not noticed the ‘casualness and slipshod approach’ of the police, three persons might have been wrongly executed by the state… Continue Reading →

” Aao Kasab Ko Phansi Dain ” -a poem by Anshu Malviya

उसे चौराहे पर फाँसी दें ! बल्कि उसे उस चौराहे पर फाँसी दें जिस पर फ्लड लाईट लगाकर विधर्मी औरतों से बलात्कार किया गया गाजे-बाजे के साथ कैमरे और करतबों के साथ लोकतंत्र की जय बोलते हुए उसे उस पेड़… Continue Reading →

Mumbai High Court- Not everyone who believes in Maoist ideology is a terrorist’ #mustshare

Sunil Baghel, Mumbai Mirror , Oct 10,2012 On October 3, the Bombay High Court granted bail to two people accused of being Maoists, saying it is “impossible to hold” that every person attracted to or influenced by the Maoist ideology… Continue Reading →

#Wisconsin Gurudwara shooting probed as ‘domestic terrorism’

    The Associated Press Published Sunday, Aug. 05 2012, 1:07 PM EDT Police in Wisconsin say seven people are dead at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, including the suspected gunman. The FBI says it is investigating whether the shootings were… Continue Reading →

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