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Breach at Kudankulam nuclear plant may have gone undetected for over six months: Group-IB

Nuclear Power Corporation of India had initially denied the cybersecurity breach that happened last year. It later acknowledged that malware had indeed spread in the IT network at Kudankulam. Nirmal John November 26, 2020, 08:00 IST New Delhi: The cybersecurity breach at… Continue Reading →

Aadhaar-based Scholarships Scam in Jharkhand Shows How Aadhaar Leaks Public Funds, Deprives Citizens

Yet another Aadhaar-enabled scam: When will the government wake up? In a recent investigation of scholarship schemes in Jharkhand, “Many ways to dupe a poor student,” the Indian Express brought to light how social security benefits being transferred via the Aadhaar-based Direct Benefit… Continue Reading →

Allahabad High Court -We do not see Priyanka, Salamat as Hindu-Muslim #LoveJihad #FacePalm

We do not see Priyanka Kharwar and Salamat Ansari as Hindu and Muslim, rather as two grown-up individuals who – out of their own free will and choice – are living together peacefully, said the court Published: 24 Nov 2020,… Continue Reading →

Two deaths, no FIR: How UP’s criminal justice system failed Pappi Devi and her baby

Pappi Devi died soon after childbirth. Her in-laws claimed her baby was stillborn. Her father suspected foul play, but his complaints to the police fell on deaf ears. ByAkanksha Kumar & Nidhi Suresh23 Nov, 2020The baby’s footprints as shown in… Continue Reading →

Activists demand the extension of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKAY) till May 2021

The Anna Adhikar Abhiyan, Maharashtra and the Right to Food Campaign observed a National Day of Action on November 22, 2020 , to press for various demands with respect to the Public Distribution system.  Under the Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan… Continue Reading →

Why are Kashmiri Muslim nomads being evicted?

A year after Kashmir was stripped of its limited autonomy, Muslim Bakarwal and Gujjars face eviction from their forest dwellings. By Aakash Hassan20 Nov 2020 Jammu, Indian-administered Kashmir – Last month, Mohammad Ashraf received a notice from the local forest department office… Continue Reading →

‘Kaun Banega Karodpati’ (KBC) in soup for its question on Manu Smriti Burning

 ‘Kaun Banega Karodpati’ (KBC) is probably one of the most successful mega programs on TV channels, with bumper prizes in toe. In its recent episode (Karmayog, November 2020) the host of the show Amitabh Bachan, following the script, asked a… Continue Reading →

Hathras Rape and Murder -Women huddle over strategy to prevent sexual violence

Historian Uma Chakravarti said there was cause for hope, as more young women were getting together and organizing, and the state apparatus appears to be reacting in some panic when a case of sexual violence is reported. She was commenting… Continue Reading →

In Gujarat, Rural Women Perform Turmeric Ritual to Remember Hathras Victim

A Dalit rights activist explained the ritual was taken up as the victim’ mother had regretted that she could not offer a proper cremation to her daughter as the cops burnt the body. By -Rosamma Thomas 31 Oct 2020 One would… Continue Reading →

UAPA and the growing crisis of judicial credibility in India

An independent and effective judiciary is the last hope to provide a check on executive excesses. Protest against the arrest of Umar Khalid under UAPA over his alleged role in the Delhi riots — 18 September 2020, Kolkata. Photo: Samir… Continue Reading →

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