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SC – Personal law can’t stop Muslims from adopting children #goodnews

All India | Reported by Sidharth Pandey, Edited by Devesh Kumar | Updated: February 20, 2014 16:28 Civil rights activist Shabnam Hashmi (left) had, for the past 8 years, waged a dogged battle in the top court to be legally recognised as the parent… Continue Reading →

The stolen children of India , who are sent for adoption abroad #mustread

Heart-rending story of parents seeking to get back children snatched from them and then sent for adoption abroad. Shaikh Azizur Rahman06 Nov 2013 Nagarani, right, and her husband Kathirvel, had their son stolen in 1999 [Shaikh Azizur Rahman /Al Jazeera]… Continue Reading →

India-No law to protect child adopted within family

  Sravani Sarkar, Hindustan Times Bhopal, October 02, 2012 Six-year-old Shivani was raped and beaten to death by her paternal uncle and aunt, who were acting as her foster parents, in Indore. The father of the child, resident of a… Continue Reading →

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