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What is the Science of Encounter Killings in the Saffron Lab

A magnificent piece of investigative film-making by Shubhradeep Chakravarty who tragically passed away just a few years after making this film and other hard hitting exposes of the regime that now rules India. Encountered on Saffron Agenda is a documentary… Continue Reading →

Torture is an ‘expanding scourge’ in Asia

by Phil Robertson June 26, 2014 In several countries across Asia, torture is used on a regular basis. Bringing perpetrators to justice is notoriously hard, especially in nations where the practice is state-sanctioned, HRW’s Phil Robertson tells DW. Inflicting pain… Continue Reading →

#India: In Aftermath of Riots, Support Sexual Assault Victims #Vaw #Justice #mustread

Human Rights Watch pic courtesy- reuters Victims Fear Reprisals; Authorities Need to Map Relief and Rehabilitation Plan October 4, 2013 (New York) – Indian [2] authorities should properly investigate all crimes, including allegations of sexual assault and gang rape during last month’s communal… Continue Reading →

#India -Bhopal gas victims take out rally and demand “no Justice, no Vote”

29th June 2013 By TCN News, Bhopal: In an attempt to awake political parties from there stupor, today several hundred gas victims staged a rally from Ganesh Mandir, Chhola to Bhopal Bus Stand for their long standing demands of compensation,… Continue Reading →

Vietnam: Escalating Persecution of Bloggers

Recent Arrests, Physical Attacks Require Strong Diplomatic Response JUNE 19, 2013, HRW Enlarge Rights activist Nguyen Hoang Vi distributing Universal Declaration of Human Rights to people on May 5 at April 30 park. © Dan Lam Bao 2013 Vietnam’s strategy… Continue Reading →

One woman in three , worldwide suffer domestic violence: WHO #Vaw #Womenrights

Agence France-Presse | Updated: June 20, 2013 20:55 IST Geneva: More than one woman in three around the globe is a victim of domestic violence, with those in Asia and the Middle East most-affected by the scourge, the World Health… Continue Reading →

How to Complaint Against errant Auto-Rickshaw Drivers in Delhi

By Ankur Bhardwaj  It is very common with metropolitan of India that an auto-driver refuses to take you to your destination or does not follow meter installed or over charge from customer. Now, Delhi Traffic police is advertising the complaint policy and also… Continue Reading →

Babu Bokhariya, minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet, convicted for illegal mining

Edited by Shamik Ghosh | Updated: June 15, 2013 , NDTV   Ahmedabad: Babu Bokhariya, a senior minister in the Narendra Modi cabinet in Gujarat, has been convicted for illegal mining. He has been taken into custody. Mr Bokhariya, who is Gujarat’s… Continue Reading →

Maruti Suzuki – What a sham #Ileadindia , you must say #ImisleadInida

  क्यूँ घर नही सवारते क्यूँ घर मे सब को मारते, क्यूँ परिवार का बना हिस्सा, मजदूरो के  गर्व को दुतकारते … घर मे सब बिखरा सा है, अहंकार और दमन दिखता  है , मजदूरो के मानवधिकारो का , उड़ा दिया चिथड़ा-… Continue Reading →

Delhi University’s caste counters spark outrage

  Mallica Joshi, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, June 07, 2013  First Published: 01:10 IST(7/6/2013) “I feel I live in South Africa of the apartheid era.” The segregation is not along racial lines but at Delhi University‘s form counters, the caste divide… Continue Reading →

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