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Suicide- Myths and Facts you should know #mustshare

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A step towards life Suicide is a word loaded with the sentiments of dismay, despair and the fear of death. This often stops us from having a discussion about suicide. However, if we freely talk about it, we can surely… Continue Reading →

Why TAXAB is wrong about demanding #Bharat4PopulationLaw #WorldPopulationDay

by National Alliance for Maternal Health and Human Rights The World Population Day is celebrated every year on the 11th of July as a result of a UN Resolution in 1990 seeking to enhance awareness of population issues, including their… Continue Reading →

Ten Things to Remember about Syria #mustread

By- Robin Yassin-Kassab I edited the Critical Muslim’s Syria issue, which includes excellent essays by Amal Hanano, Rasha Omran, Itab Azzam, Maysaloon, Malu Halasa, poetry by Golan Hajji, prose from Zakkariya Tamer, and much more. I contributed an essay on Syrian culture… Continue Reading →

Some shocking facts about Maharashtra’s Muslims the state does not want you to know

The Mahmoodur Rahman Committee report on the socio-economic conditions of the state’s Muslims is yet to be officially released, but it reveals that the community has very poor social indices. Aarefa Johari · Maharashtra’s urban Muslims are poorer than even members… Continue Reading →

#India – Before going to Vote listen to Muck Fodi #Hiphop #NaMo #Feku

  Ashwini Mishra, the Raptivist  says —   I state facts in my songs. So if my music offends you, it’s the facts that offend you. So terrified of the truth. Muck Fodi.   Muck Fodi, Muck Fodi Put your thugs… Continue Reading →

Gujarat – A Look In The Mirror #Sundayreading #NOMOre_2014

Two academics hold Gujarat up against other states to see if it grew more in the Modi decade than in the preceding 20 years Gujarat shining? The state’s growth is neither universal nor exceptional Magazine | 31 March 2014 Maitreesh Ghatak,… Continue Reading →

Women Organisation seeks apology from #SatyamevJayate on Fudging Facts #Vaw

The episode of Satyamev Jayate on Sexual Violence – State Response,  though claiming to showcase ground level reality had a number of factual errors. The Government of Maharashtra in 2013 issued standard protocols for “Forensic and Medical Examination of Sexual Assault Cases. An… Continue Reading →

What if Modi becomes premier? #NaMo #Feku

By Fr. Cedric Prakash Ahmedabad:As a Christian and particularly a Jesuit priest, I take stands and believe that while being open to dialogue and reason, one has to be unequivocal about what one stands for. So, I take a stand… Continue Reading →

#India – Modi Makes History and Facts be Damned #Namo #Feku

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Badri Raina’s ZSpace Page  Long years ago, at a cultural event in a European country, the then Indian Ambassador (let him not be named) introduced the modernist Hindi novelist and poet, Agyea (who also carried the… Continue Reading →

40 facts you didn’t know about Sachin Tendulkar #Sundayreading

  Tendulkar has announced his retirement from Test cricket, leaving his millions of fans disappointed. His 200th Test, to be played against the West Indies, will be his last.Below are  40 facts you didn’t know about this living legend. 1: Named after… Continue Reading →

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