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An Urgent Appeal

North East Support Centre and Helpline Team has been receiving calls from
different people in Delhi  that some North East people were killed in
different part of Delhi last night. NE Helpline Team has checked with Delhi
Police, Media and friends and none of them is confirmed.

Now invisible communal forces are once again trying to mislead the nation by
such rumour again and it must be stopped immediately.

We appeal to all sections of society, particularly to the people from North
East India that any information that may be passed to you by any means, ,
please confirmed it first by calling Police Helpline No 100, from your
community and student leaders. Unconfirmed information will fuel the rumour.

We appeal to Delhi Police to arrange special patrolling in North East Indian
dominated areas like Murnika, Mukherjee Nagar, Moti Bagh, Khanpur,
Safdarjung Enclave, Defence Colony, Gandhi Vihar, Nehru Vihar, Vijay Nagar,
Double Storey, Delhi University Campus, JNU Campus and Sikanderpur in

For further clarification, the North East Support Centre and Helpline Team
can be contacted at 9774303076, 9968291645,  9811535563

Madhu Chandra

Spokesperson, NESC&H


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Comments (2)

  1. Lancer

    Try covering flame with blanket… either it burns the blanket or creates pretty amount of smoke. Same thing here. Rumours are spread with some evidence (atleast in small amount or meagre). However, it may be recalled that such heinous rumours like massacred/killed may not be channelled as often rumours spreads in the speed of light (in today’s World).

    Well, what is important is to notice why people from NE-India are targeted when the issue is not concern to the whole NE! Why is GoI still dumb and pays deaf-ear to peoples’ exodus from various parts of India? Why didn’t the GoI intervene the clash between Bodos (Indians) and Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants when the momentum was ignited?

    All recounts and reflects that GoI in not concern to NE-Indians.

    Remember and don’t you dare think bloody-greedy politicians and Indian Elites:
    NE is not only home to NEasterns. Hell-bound of mainlanders depend on NE through various means of living. What if tomorrow non-north easterns starts exodus from NE? What will GoI do then? There is India beyond Bengal!

    From Mumbai, a curious Indian.

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