Bad words!Bad words!The Caravan magazine’s website has published an internal Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) memo to its regional offices, with a list of words that should be banned from movies and other media it is responsible for censoring.

The apparently stricter censorship regime, which first attracted attention earlier this month when a song’s lyrics in a music video were bleeped out during the word “Bombay”, includes 13 English language words and phrases and 15 in Hindi.

Disclaimer: Do not continue reading if you are easily offended. The following is reproduced for the purposes of study by academics and lawyers only.

It encompasses, at the tamer end of the spectrum:


Son of a Bitch






The F word, is mentioned in five separate phrases and combinations, alongside slang for fellatio:

Fuck, Fucker or Fucking

Mother fucker

Fucking cunt

Fucking dick

Bitch or Fucking Bitch

Cock sucker

The Hindi list also outlaws “violence against woman” [sic], notes that “bloodshed should not be glorified”, that:

“change of name Bombay to Mumbai as per Govt of Maharashtra’s notification dated 4/9/96”

and apparently outlaws “double meaning any kind of words”.

So there, now we know.