Laltu (b 1957) is scientist, poet, fiction writer and commentator. At present he is Professor at the Center for Computational Natural Sciences and Bioinformatics, IIIT-Hyderabad. He has also participated in several people’s movements includign grassroots science education , literacy, etc.

He has published more then 200 poems and 25 short stories in leading Hindi magazines and has written several opinion editorial articles and reviews. Two collections of his poetry have appeared – “Ek Jheel Thee Barph Ki” and “Dairy mein Teywees October” – as well as a work of fiction – “Ghooghney”. He has also translated literature for children into Hindi, from English and Bengali and has published a book of poems for children – “Bhaiya Zindabad”.

भू-भू हा-हा / लाल्टू
(भूपेन हाजारिका के भाजपा से टिकट लेने के बाद की कवि लाल्टू की रचना। अग्निवेश के औकात पर आने के बाद याद आई।)



 हा हा

दिन ऐसे आ रहे हैं
सूरज से शिकवा करते भी डर लगता है
किसी को कत्ल होने से बचाने जो चले थे
सिर झुकाये खड़े हैं
दिन ऐसे आ रहे हैं कोयल की आवाज़ सुन टीस
उठती फिर कोई गीत बेसुरा हो चला
दिन ऐसे आ रहे हैं
भू भू हा हा ।
– लाल्टू. 
जनवरी 2004 (पश्यंती- 2004