By K.P Sasi

10 August, 2012

I met Abdul Nazer Maudany who is an accused in the Bangalore blast case in jail a few months back with friends. What struck me was the peace which flowed in his eyes. At that time his eyes were becoming dim because of lack of proper treatment. At the moment, he is more or less blind. For me, the conflict between Islamophobia and the way secularism is expressed in Kerala was explicit from my memory of his eyes.

I asked him what can people like us can do for him. He said: `I am not the only one. There are thousands of innocent people who are fabricated in jails. I receive some moral support at least once in a while. But they don’t. So do something for them.’

As an example, he requested the boy who was helping him with the wheel chair in jail to bring another boy called Zakaria who is around 21 years old. That boy’s case is one of the stupidest cases of Indian judiciary. He still doesn’t know why he is in jail. He is already mentally and physically affected because of this harassment.

I have recently heard that the boy who was helping Maudany with the wheel chair (he was around 35 years old) is already dead because of lack of proper treatment.

Perhaps, Maudany can be the next. Perhaps, the Kerala opinion makers are waiting for his death so that he can be projected as a hero, the way he came back after nine and a half years innocent existence in Coimbatore jail. But one thing is certain. The inteligentsia, activists, political parties and media with vested interests are responsible for this gravest fabricated case. Perhaps we can all sing a line from John Lenon‘s `imagine’: I am not the only one. If John Lenon dealt with dreams in this song, we will have to deal with guilt in our song. And strangely, Maudany is also saying: `I am not the only one’.

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K.P Sasi is an award winning film director and a political activist Email: [email protected]