After being divorced remotely, woman moves SC

JAIPUR: Afreen Rehman, 25, recently received something shocking in the mail and not just via regular mail but through ‘Speed Post’.

It was a divorce, or to be precise, ‘triple talaq‘.

After the initial shock, the young woman on Wednesday moved the Supreme Court against Islam’s ‘triple talaq’ provision.

Talaq-e-bidat is a practice by which a Muslim man can divorce his his wife by saying ‘talaq’ more than once any time in the duration between his wife’s periods. He can also get divorce instantaneously by repeating the word ‘talaq’ three times, a practice called unilateral triple-talaq.

“I got married in 2014 through a matrimonial portal. After two to three months, my in-laws started mentally harassing me by demanding dowry,” Rehman said.

“Later, they started beating me up and asked me to leave. I came to my maternal home and now I have received speed post announcing divorce. This is completely wrong, unfair and unacceptable. I have filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking its intervention into the matter,” she added.

The All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board president Shaista Ambar has been demanding the abolition of triple talaq.

The Centre has set up a high-level committee to review the status of women in India and according to reports has recommended a ban on the practice of oral, unilateral and triple talaq as well as on polygamy.