Chicken stall owner beaten up in Hoode

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A chicken stall owner was beaten up by a gang at Hoode village coming under Malpe police station here on Saturday. The police have arrested one person in connection with the assault.

The victim has been identified as Mohammed Ais, who has been running a chicken stall in Hoode, for the last 18 years. However, the victim, who has been admitted to the District Government Hospital here, and the police have different versions of the assault.

M.B. Boralingaiah, Superintendent of Police, said that a group of three to four persons came to Mr. Ais’s shop near the fish market and began speaking about the results of the Lok Sabha elections with him. This led to an altercation between the two.

Finally the members of the group began beating Mr. Ais. The police personnel, who were stationed on duty at a nearby ground, came to Mr. Ais’s rescue and nabbed one of the assaulters, while the rest escaped. A case had been registered at the Malpe police station and investigations were on.

But Mr. Ais told The Hindu that he was cooking food, for nearly 400 students at a nearby school, when seven persons came on four motorcycles asked for him with his daughter Ayesha at around 4.30 p.m. They later pushed her and came to him and asked if he was present when a victory procession [of the Bharatiya Janata Party] was taken out on May 16, to which he replied in the negative. They then beat him up.

He caught one of the assaulters named Ganesh and handed him over to the police, while the rest escaped on their motorcycles. Then he got admitted to the hospital here, he said.


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