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Bullet That ended Dream Of Kashmir Administrative Services of Young Girl

Kulgam: On the 9th July, the 4th day of Eid ul Fitr -a day before Hizbul Commander Burhan Wani- was killed in an encounter in south Kashmir’s Bamdoora , Yasmeena Jan, 20 year old daughter of Abdul Rehman was killed by  a bullet fired by security forces.

Yasmeena Jan’s fault was that she was scouting for and beseeching her twelve year old brother Moin to return home after announcements were made on mosque loudspeakers for people to come out on the streets.

Abdul Rehman in a horrifying tragic recount of the incident told Kashmir Observer that Yasmeena, around 12 o’clock opened the gate and pleaded with her brother 12 year old brother Moin to return home. The security forces who had cordoned off the area, opened fire and a bullet hit Yasmeen on the head”.

Yasmeena , according to her father was rushed to sub Hospital Kulgam where doctors declared her brought dead. Yasmeena, laments her father, “was a first year student who did not know that she would die that day”.

It was only a few moments ago that she had put henna on her hands and feet, “adds in ruminating and sad tone”.

Adding insult to injury was the police attitude, according to Rehman. When we tried to take her body, the J& K police beat us black and blue. Abdul Rehman , a  poor farmer living in a mud house along with  five sons and his wife is still in a state of shock and trauma. He cannot come to terms with his young daughter’s death. Sometimes he even leaves home to look for his daughter in the village.

Meanwhile Yasmeena’s Mother sitting in the desolate room of her one storey house at DH pora Kulgam area of south Kashmir narrates the woeful tale of her daughter’s brutal and untimely death.

“Those scenes still come before my eyes when Yasmeena was a little kid. She always had new ways to avoid eating meals, but I used to narrate fairy tales for hours to make her eat, “she reminisces. Amid tears flowing down her cheeks, she poignantly asks a question: would not Yasmeen be hungry in the grave where she is sleeping now?”

None of us have an answer to this question.

Her voice fading, Yasmeena’s mother added, my daughter wanted to crack KAS exams; she was an intelligent girl”.

“In our family, Yasmeena was one of the intelligent girl.We all loved her very much said”, said Khalid Muntazir,  a cousin of Yasmeena.  Concluding on a morose note, Muntazir said, “How long we will keep on bleeding, for how long this oppression will continue, for how long we will be under this forceful occupation and for how long the political hypocrite goons will enjoy this by blaming each other?. https://kashmirobserver.net/2016/local-news/bullet-ended-kas-dream-young-girl-9742


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  1. His is one of the heart-wrenching and mind piercing tales of Kashmir. This explains the gory murders of innocent Kashmiris leaving their whole families in sorrow. It is regrettable that none of these tales of suffering Kashmiris are touching the bottom of hearts of politicians both central and state.

  2. It’s really a tragic story, she didn’t deserve such a fate. This is a tragedy of leaving in a conflict zone. While the bullet fired may be of J&K police but this only reflects the failure of civil societies and political class in Kashmir. People and Govt in Kashmir should equally resist the hardliners from hijacking the public space. The use of religion and religious place and populated areas for anti state activities should be stopped. Effort should be made by J&K police to learn from this episode and enforce measure to protect citizens. They need to be more compassionate, such incident are a sign of collective failure of our society. It’s always the innocent who suffer the most in such situation. Lets pray for her family.

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