_Jan 17, 2021 – On the eve of Women Farmers’ Day, the Democratic Teachers’ Front expresses its profound respect and solidarity with women farmers*_ who have been the backbone of the ongoing historic farmers’ struggle at the borders of the national capital.

The DTF condemns regressive statements from persons occupying high office that asked for women protestors to be ‘ sent back home’!
The DTF salutes farmers from across the country for united and resolutely standing by their just demands in the teeth of intimidation and vilification by the ruling establishment.

*It lauds the grit and determination shown by farmers who have conducted a massive peaceful protest in harsh winter conditions for more than 54 days in an exemplary manner, and mourns the martyrdom of more than 100 protesting farmers in the process*.

The DTF recognises the assault on farmers’ rights and livelihood as part of the neo-liberal assault on the right of all citizens to dignified employment, quality education and affordable food.

It sees the actions of the Central Government in handing over to favoured corporate families crucial public sectors such as power, telecom, ports, airports, railways, education and now agriculture as a great betrayal of the Indian people, pushing the country towards famine, impoverishment and slavery.
_*While re-iterating its resolve to struggle against all regressive policies including the National Education Policy, the DTF demands the immediate repealing of the three Farmers Laws and the Electricity Bill*_, followed by a genuine open-minded dialogue with the protesting farmers as well as State Governments on measures that will benefit farmers and strengthen food security in the country.