Shri Rahul Gandhi

Vice President

All India Congress Committee

New Delhi


Dear Rahul Ji

Dalit community is obliged to you for visiting the Dalit families in Badaun in Uttar Pradesh where two young Dalit were allegedly gang raped and hanged to death. It is quite praiseworthy that you came and consoled the affected families.


The sensitivity that you have shown has actually made the bad experiences fresh as happened during your party’s regime. Several questions are cropping up in mind now. It is expected from you even if you do not wish to reply but atleast do consider these questions.


We are putting these questions with a challenge and also with full responsibility mainly because we have enough reasons to do so. This is the first set of questions from the Dalit community:


Question No. 1

What is the reason that you have not been able to spare time to meet four Dalit girls survivors of gang rape from Bhagana in Haryana who are sitting on a sit-in protest seeking justice at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi since last four months?


Question No. 2

What is the reason that you have maintained complete silence on this issue despite Haryana being ruled by your party? Would you take Haryana Government to task as you did with the UP Government?


Question No. 3

What is the reason that after completing the Badaun tour your party has not taken any big initiative on this matter?


Question No. 4

What is the reason that even after continous atrocity cases being reported from Haryana, you have not taken any action against your own Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hudda?


Question No. 5

What is the reason that you maintain silence on atrocities on Dalit as happening in Congress ruled States?


Question No. 6

What is the reason that you have not taken any action against your Congressleaders who have been supportive of Khap Panchayats?


Question No. 7

What is the reason that despite a high profile “Scheduled Caste Department” no important initiative have come from it on issues related to continuing atrocities on Dalits?


Question No. 8

What is the reason that your Party’s Scheduled Caste Department has officials who are from South India? Did your Party not find any eligible or able leader from Noth India or even Uttar Pradesh to be part of this department?


Question No. 9

What is the reason that you have put have put the entire Dalit community into your “Scheduled Caste Department” thereby making them marginalised and almost outlawed within the Party?


Question No. 10

What is the reason that even after being in power for a decade your government brought in an ordinance on SC and ST Atrocities (Prevention) Act, 1989, because of anti-Dalit leaders within your party?


Question No. 11

What is the reason that whereas in Andhra Pradesh your party government brought in a legislation on SCP/TSP, but your own government at the centre did not get it passed till the last day of the Parliament session despite your party’s promise to do so?


We do expect that you would respond to these questions and respect the democracy!


Thanking you!

राष्ट्रीय भूमिश्रम  एवं न्याय आन्दोलन
National Movement For Land, Labor & Justice-NMLLJ

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