Narendra Modi


The outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist) has said that the new National Democratic Alliance government will be no different from the previous United Progressive Alliance government and will implement the “same neo-liberal policies.”

In its first reaction to the formation of a new dispensation at the Centre, the CPI (Maoist), in a press note signed by its central committee spokesperson, Abhay, said: “The victory of the BJP under [Narendra] Modi indicates the intensification of exploitation, oppression and fascism in the country.”

“The real meaning of the Gujarat Model, which will now extend to the whole country, is the suppression of all forms of dissent, including that of workers, peasants, religious minorities, particularly Muslims, and other exploited and oppressed sections of society,” the note said.

“The NDA’s clear majority in Parliament, the absence of a strong parliamentary opposition, and most importantly, the RSS-BJP’s Hindutva agenda are indications of the coming fascist onslaught.”

The note appealed for building “a widespread struggle to fight back the threat from Brahmanical Hindu-fascists by uniting all revolutionary and democratic forces.”

The BJP won “by using the people’s pent-up anger against the Congress.” Criticising the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the note said: “The RSS played a central role in orchestrating anti-Muslim attacks and stirring up Hindu religious chauvinism, particularly through the attacks in Muzaffarnagar.”

The CPI(Maoist) said the election manifesto of the BJP did not forget to present its anti-Muslim, anti-Kashmir and Hindutva agenda, and promised to scrap Article 370, impose a Uniform Civil Code and build a Ram temple.

The Modi-wave, the CPI(Maoist) said, “has been put forward by the imperialists, the MNCs and big landlords to divert the people’s wrath against the neo-liberal policies of the ruling classes and usher in fascism as Hitler did to serve their interests more effectively.”

Cautioning people on their “illusion of good days under Modi,” the party said the condition of the masses would deteriorate further on all fronts.


The real meaning of the Gujarat Model, which will now extend to the whole country, is the suppression of all forms of dissent


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