HARYANA, Updated Mar 23, 2013 at 03:54pm

Gurgaon: Indian women’s kabaddi team coach Sunil Dabas, who is also a teacher in a Gurgaon school, reportedly fainted after a Congress MLA passed some lewd and insulting comments against her during a function in Gurgaon. The alleged incident took place at DSD college, Gurgaon.

Congress MLA from Badshahpur Rao Dharmpal was the chief guest at the college’s annual function and Sunil Dabas was also present on the stage. Seeing Dabas dressed in a jeans and shirt, the Congress MLA passed some comments and asked her why she was wearing such clothes. Dabas was shocked on hearing the comments and reportedly fainted.

The students started protesting against the MLA after they came to know about the incident following which Dharmpal had to leave the function under police escort. Dabas’s brother said that the MLA should have been courteous and not made such an insulting comment. He said that Dabas was in a jeans and shirt but the MLA’s comments were very humiliating which shocked her. He also said that he would take appropriate action in the case whereas Dabas has been referred to Medanta Hospital from Shitla Hospital where she had been initially admitted.

Meanhile, Dharmpal defended his comments by claiming that he had congratulated Dabas for brining laurels to the country and then he advised her to dress in a dignified manner as all the female teachers of the school were wearing either a saree or salwar suit whereas she was the only one in a jeans and shirt. He also said that he did not visit Dabas in the hospital as the there were protests against him and alleged that the entire incident was a political conspiracy and appealed to the people not to get their wards admitted to government colleges as they were in a very poor state.

The local administration and college authorities have been keeping quiet. While Haryana Sports Minister came to see Dabas in the hospital, he refused to comment on the incident. College students allege that the local MLA was aware about the incident but had not come to meet Dabas while a senior Congress MLA should not have made such an insulting and irresponsible statement.