Virgo under the staircase, Aries in the bathroom:

Until now, you have heard astrologers and babajis telling you how to avoid rape. After the 16 December Delhi gangrape, the now jailed Godman Asaram Bapu had said that the victim was equally guilty. “The victim daughter is as guilty as her rapists… She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop… This could have saved her dignity and life,” he had said.

Bapu, ironically, is currently in jail, on allegations of rape.

But, now an astrologer, Sachidananda Babu Guruji has taken rape advises to a whole new level.

Screen grab from TV show

A popular Kannada television channel shows a programme where the astrologer predicts when you will get raped. Yes, you read that right.

He’s telling girls when and how they’ll get raped, apparently based on zodiac sign.

“Virgo girls might get raped between the ages of 14-20 under their home’s staircase.”

“Capricorns can get raped by their parents or colleagues.”

“Aries will get attacked in the bathroom.”

That’s not all. He also gives “advice” to women and children on how not to get raped:

“Recite a mantra. Om kreem kreem kreem kaalike kleem kleem kleem sarva shatru naaam prahaar bhanjaya maaraya vispotaya, kleem kleem kleem, kreem kreem kreem phat. The rapist will run away. Write the mantra in red letters on a white paper and hold it tightly along with turmeric and Vibhuthi in your hands during attempted rape. Take turmeric and Vibhuthi and apply on the rapist. He will collapse or will run away scared.”

So, who is this astrologer? This is what he says on his website:

“He has been giving astrological and allied consultations for almost 36 years with remarkable consistency. He is not just an astrologer but a person with a very soft heart. Unlike other so called astrologers who spend 5 or 10 minutes talking of irrelevant things and offering expensive remedies (which do not work), he spends 45 minutes to an hour with the client, pulls them up with positive vibrations, re-energises them, talks to them with affection and a smile, involves himself with their problems and has saved many a soul from getting destroyed or even from committing suicide.”

Even though people on social media are lashing at the bizarre astrolger, what’s depressing is that TV9 continues to run the show.