July 6, 2015


People from various parts of England gathered outside the Indian Embassy in London on Sunday 28th June 2015 to demand the immediate release of Dr Saibaba. Dr Saibaba is a severely disabled wheelchair bound Professor at Delhi University. He was abducted from the university premises by the Indian secret service on May 9 2014, violating all legal procedures of arrest. He has been accused of having links with the Maoist and is being held in solitary confinement in Nagpur jail under the draconian Unlawful Activities (Preventative) Act (UAPA). Dr Saibaba has not been given any facilities as disabled person and was even denied proper medical care. This barbaric treatment at the hands of the police and prison authorities is rapidly deteriorating Dr Saibaba’s health to the point of no return. Dr Saibaba has only been accused of unlawful activity. He has not been tried, let alone convicted, therefore he remains innocent. And yet he continues to be kept in jail under very harsh conditions. This is a completely unjust.

Dr Saibaba who is 90% disabled is incapable committing a terrorist act and therefore was never a physical threat to anyone. Dr Saibaba is human rights and democratic rights activist. He is unflinching in his criticism of the Indian state’s unchecked invitation to the Multi-National Corporations who want to set up special economic zones and exploit the mineral wealth belonging to the Indian People. They can only do this by displacing hundreds of thousands off their land. He is a staunch campaigner for the rights of the Dalits and the Adivasi who are fighting to save their land, forests, rivers and hills. Dr Saibaba has been outspoken against the Operation Green Hunt – military offensive launched against the Adivasi in central India. Everyone has the right to express his/her views and should be NOT be incarcerated for doing so. It is frightening to learn that there are estimated 300,000 political prisoners in India and most of them are Dalits and Tribal people. This is a shocking statistic for a country that claims to be the largest democracy.

The picket outside India House was addressed by several speakers from various organisations. There was a clear message to the Indian Government that people outside India, in Britain and elsewhere in world, are closely watching the violations of human and democratic rights. They pledged to keep speaking out against these violations, continue to draw world’s attentions to atrocities committed by the Indian State and communal fascist forces.

Participating organisations:

Indian Workers Association, GB (Central Organising Committee)
Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC), UK
Tohum Cultural Centre – London
International Campaign Against the War on People in India
Shri Guru Ravidas Sabha
Anti Caste Discrimination Alliance
Indian Scheduled Caste Welfare Association
Asian Rationalist Society – UK
United Nepalese Front – Europe