MUMBAI: On the occasion of World Cerebral Palsy Day on Friday, disability rights activist and author from Adapt Malini Chib was honoured with the first global Cerebral Palsy Day Award for ensuring rights and entitlements of persons with disability.

Conferred by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Australia, the award recognizes work of projects or campaigns that have achieved progress to improve the lives of people with cerebral palsy and their families at a community, national or international level. Chib, who also has cerebral palsy, is the author of ‘One Little Finger’. The film ‘Margarita with a Straw‘ is based on her life. “We are happy that cerebral palsy has emerged on the map of India and we are not hidden away even though it has taken half a century,” said Chib, who works in London.

On Friday, Adapt, formerly the Spastic Society of India, celebrated its 45th foundation day. “There is a need to recognize the rights of persons with disabilities. While a lot has already been done, there is a need for a lot more too,” said Mithu Alur, founder of the organization. Adapt, for the seventh year, presented awards to those working in the sector. tnn