Rs 33 crore splurged on PM Modi’s 3 cancelled Varanasi visits could have built 660 homes for poor

Varanasi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Varanasi was cancelled due to heavy rains on Thursday for the third time in last 9 months. In order to set up the stage and make other arrangements for PM Modi’s visit to the city, at least Rs 33 crore were splurged. It included the expenses for setting up the stage, tents, security and hospitality arrangements.

The whopping Rs 33 crore could have been used to build 660 homes for poor or 33000 toilets in the city. The Parliamentary seat of PM Modi, Varanasi will be waiting for him for the launch of more new projects.

PM Modi’s first visit to Varanasi was scheduled for October 14 last year, but was cancelled due to cyclone Hudhud and heavy rainfall. Rs 6 crore were spent on the arrangements then. Thereafter, Rs 9 crore were spent when PM was supposed to visit the city on June 28, 2015. The tour was once again cancelled because it was pouring cats and dogs.

PM Modi had planned to visit the holy city on July 16, 2015. However, the rain Gods once again did not agree and the visit was cancelled. Rs 11 crore were spent and a worker lost his life while setting up the stage for PM Modi.

According to the government scheme, Rs 5 lakh is spent on building one home. Thus, at least 660 homes could have been built from Rs 33 crore that were spent on PM Modi’s 3 cancelled visits to Varanasi. As per Uttar Pradesh government, Rs 10,000 are consumed on building one toilet. So, as per calculation, construction of 33000 toilets in the city were possible.

The electricity for one day would have been supplied across more than 1000 houses since diesel generators which could produce up to 1.4-megawatt electricity were installed for the visit.

On June 28, PM Modi’s visit was cancelled due to heavy rainfall. The stage in DLW ground was set on the sidelines of Common Wealth Games. Nearly 6 fireproof and waterproof German hangers were installed at the venue. It is notable that more than Rs 1 crore is spent on the making of 1 hanger. 5 hangers were reserved for public while one was for the VIP guests. Also, 3 cabins were constructed behind the stage for mini PMO which was equipped with facilities like WiFi.

Nearly 3 AC toilets were transported for PM Modi and other VIPs from Delhi. According to the event organisation JVA and Nagpal Event Company, nearly Rs 11 crore were spent ahead of the PM’s visit. At least 15 digital displays along with high-quality sound system were installed at the venue for the 20,000 people expected to attend the event.

For PM Modi’s rally, 100 tonne AC was brought from Delhi which was installed 3 days in advance. As much as 20 liters of diesel was used every hour by the air conditioner. You will be astonished to know that 10 people separately had come from Delhi for the maintenance of this AC. Also, 100 huge coolers and 2000 fans were put up for the public for the function.